If you listen to ABC, the mistakes are our secret.

Submitted by Michigasling on September 18th, 2010 at 6:04 PM

If you watched ABC's later-game halftime show recaps, you wouldn't have known about any of the things we're tearing our hair out about.  Denard hype as expected, but well-rounded highlights (if you're talking about Michigan offense only), including the accompliments of Stonum and Shaw.  When they showed Denard's stats (only a bit over 100 yds rushing?), it was only to give an opportunity for appropriate teasing.  And though the score was in the graphics, I don't believe they ever said the score out loud or even (am I imagining this?) said anything about U.Mass.  (Nor did they mention Denard's first interception of the season.)  Is this a case of Band Wagoneers gotta Band Wagon?  Is it wrong to hope the recruits were watching ABC games?