If you listen to ABC, the mistakes are our secret.

Submitted by Michigasling on September 18th, 2010 at 6:04 PM

If you watched ABC's later-game halftime show recaps, you wouldn't have known about any of the things we're tearing our hair out about.  Denard hype as expected, but well-rounded highlights (if you're talking about Michigan offense only), including the accompliments of Stonum and Shaw.  When they showed Denard's stats (only a bit over 100 yds rushing?), it was only to give an opportunity for appropriate teasing.  And though the score was in the graphics, I don't believe they ever said the score out loud or even (am I imagining this?) said anything about U.Mass.  (Nor did they mention Denard's first interception of the season.)  Is this a case of Band Wagoneers gotta Band Wagon?  Is it wrong to hope the recruits were watching ABC games? 



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I noticed the same thing. Watching highlights on any channel, I started to wonder whether I had even watched the right game. Weird stuff. But good for everyone who didn't have to watch it live. I'm curious to see what happens in the polls (not that they matter, I'm just curious).


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The score shows a closer game than that which was in the 2nd half.  If it werent for a blocked punt allowing them to score ona  short field, not even the score could be read as overly alarming.  We might drop a spot or two, but it shouldnt be anything drastic becasue from my perspective, in the 2nd half we were never really at risk of losing the game.  We just didn't put them away like we should have.


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For most of the second half we were up double-digits.  People should keep that in mind.  UMass's last two TDs came after 1)  we intercepted a pass and fumbled it deep in our territory and 2) had a punt blocked.  I think the objective observer would conclude that Michigan was the better team but got sloppy and allowed UMass to hang around.


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I think that fumbled interception may have cost us a win by 17+ points. You know the offense turns the momentum from a turnover into a good drive, not to mention UMass would've likely packed it in. My hope is that this game is a blessing in disguise (it certainly gives them a lot to learn from). They probably lose this game in 08 or 09, so you could look at it as progress in that way. It was an emotional letdown game and they fell prey to it. They're still young and proved it. They're also still undefeated and looked unstoppable on offense.


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It's the difference between "getting a scare" and losing.  When you when, they can show the highlights and focus on the good stuff.  The loss would be the story if it's the loss.


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It is all a matter of perception and as you point out, what station someone watches.  I see our struggles as fans with today's game as a good thing. This is Michigan and our expectations should be high.

 Our offense was super and actually could have hit 60 with a couple plays going differently.  We are coming to expect that each week, and for this team to win games this year, the offense does need to carry things along.  

I can see why some fans think there is too much griping about the defense, but the griping is not all bad either.   When I heard after the game from Rich that the team was very quiet in the locker room, almost like a losing locker room, that told me a lot about the mindset.  They have high expectations too.

Give me a balls to the wall effort every week from here on in, and I'll live with the results. But it is pretty arrogant for me to tell other people to accept whatever result week to week.   People being ticked about today is what ultimately makes Michigan a power house. 

We aren't going to let this thing slide into MSU ville.


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You (mostly) posted my thoughts.  I would only add that I never felt we would see The Horror II in the second half.  I like that the team has the same high expectations that the fans do because I think most of us moved the good>>competitive>>Big Ten championship timeline up a year.  We want competitive this year.


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Same thing on CBS.  All focus on denard, and how many points we put up.  Only a brief final score reference, but no one said anything.

With all the recent upsets, maybe they just feel that they shouldn't put so much emphasis on a predicted win?


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Yeah. I was just thinking about that, too.  Media narrative is about DRob and the Offense not much about the D.  ESPN/ABC is going to hype the hell out of the next time UM plays on one of their broadcasts.  They'll keep it seeming A Okay for as long as they can.


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Michigan pulled the game out, and ABC/ESPN probably decided that it would be more in keeping with their current coverage of Michigan to not dwell on UMass, preferring to call it a "close call."  "I'm glad that Michigan is on ESPN's "good news" list.  It sure beats the hell out of the "RR hot seat" references.

It almost makes up for having to watch Pam Ward say "there's an injured Cougar on the field" during the FSU/BYU game today.  I wonder if she saw the possible irony there?  I'm guessing she won't until someone brings it to her attention.