If You Had to Guess Right Now, Does Meyer Stay, Suspend, or Terminate?

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Despite some severely limited information (OSU is turtleing, for obvious reasons), we've had some great posts today about background information, FOIA denials, AD reactions and some fairly erudite comments about the issue.  Simple Question, with a follow up:

Does Meyer stay at ohio, stay and get suspended, or get let go?  And no matter your answer, why? 




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Terminate.  The institution has to be bigger than the coach.  They will still have a winnng football program.  They want their institution to be considered one of the best.  They won’t be if they keep Meyer.


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Regardless there is going to be a major split among the fanbase about this. Students and alumni want him gone, vehemently. They do not want to harbor someone who enables domestic violence.


But that 1/3 of a cfb team's fanbase who have no connection to the university and therefore no attachment to the moral fiber of the school want to JUS WIN SUM FOOTBAW! And they are holding rallies to support the domestic violence enabler.


A schism approacheth.


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I am curious about where you are seeing the schism? Obviously what we see and hear at 11Warriors or elsewhere is going to be a pretty small sample size and should not be attributed to the whole. But it seems like much of what we are hearing out of the OSU camp is stronger and stronger support of Meyer?

Would love your thoughts on if this is just selection bias on our part on what we are reading from OSU side of things or if there really is a shift in people's attitude toward Meyer.


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The schism will be simple, if he stays or is fired there will be those who feel it was wrong.  The only appropriate stance at this point is to put down the pitchforks, step back from the altar of worship (whichever side you are on) and wait to learn what we don’t know and what the committee finds.  

While it’s not popular here, OSU has always and will always maintain that the brand is bigger than any coach.  Their track record of firing coaches backs that up.  $6,000 loan, gone.  Cover for a few players who traded their  Buckeye trinkets for tattoos, gone.   We are your rival, you will revel in our times of turmoil regardless of what happens.   


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This might be your worst post. While the Michigan fanbase on the MGoBlog, assuredly, does not approve of either Smith's actions or Meyer's actions nobody would "revel" in your times of turmoil of this nature. 

Sometimes things are just plainly wrong (like keeping a known spouse abuser on staff at Florida and then bringing him over from Temple), lying about your knowledge of the same etc. etc. 

Nobody revels in that knowledge; that's ridiculous.



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Have you looked at this board??!  Since the story broke every post, save 2 or 3, has been about OSU.  Practice has started but the board is fixated on this topic and yes, reveling in the lose/lose proposition OSU faces.  If I knew how to post a screenshot I would, just take a look.   (Ps. I have way worse posts than this)


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Practice has started but the board is fixated on this topic and yes, reveling in the lose/lose proposition OSU faces.

#1, If you knew anything about us, you would know that our players are currently in a submarine so there isn't much to talk about with practice.

#2, Whether you like it or not this is the biggest story in college football at the moment and it pertains to our biggest rival.  It will get discussed on our board.

#3, There is a difference in being happy that someone was physically abused and wanting to see a rival with a genuinely shady history get justice done to him and for the victim.


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I can honestly say that if the shoe was on the other foot i.e. Harbaugh did this, he gone.  He gone immediately.  No Coach is bigger than the University, Football program and the principles it stands for.  No need to wait for more facts.  Enough facts have been released.  Urban Meyer lied about covering up domestic violence.  Period, end of story.  Investigation over.  The only question is how deep it runs.  Fire Meyer and cut your losses.  Gene Smith should go too.  Start fresh.  It’ll be fine.  You’ll still win 11 games a year ferchrissake.


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The side that wants to keep Meyer is probably just the more vocal side.

A lot of people are just ashamed and want this to be over. I’ve seen many people say exactly this. They just want him gone. Gene Smith gone. And start over. Get it over with.

Now for obvious reasons they aren’t going to stand on top of a mountain and scream at the top of their lungs. It’s the idiot fans who think Meyer can do no wrong that are the most vocal in that fan base currently


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Yeah, this explanation makes sense.  Good reminder to think through that those who may have the appropriate response are the most likely to be shamed by the more vocal, irrational group. 


Whats the saying? Don't argue with idiots, they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.


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Dude, just stop.  They  is no rally, the news picked up a story from some guy with 12 Twitter folowrs and ran with it.   It’s lazy journalism and misinformation is rampant.  


If you want to know who Tennessee Jeff is, he is on Twitter as @HammsTenn.  The media stories are bad and they should feel bad.  Don’t be so gullible. 


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Yes. Also, at least here in NY, both in the city and elsewhere, I've found that the alums are far, far more reasonable than the non-alums in their fanbase.

Edit: Wow. Didn't know this was a sensitive topic. Look, it's the truth. Non-alum OSU fans that I've met are far more irrational than OSU alum fans. That's anecdotal. Maybe it doesn't hold true in general. But it is what I've noticed.


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I use to have a coworker that would frequently mock Michigan for having non-alum fans.....he was a MSU fan.....that went to WMU.

I tried to gently point out his hypocrisy, but the point went over his head and he went on and on about how the UM fanbase is phony, because most UM fans don't have a UM degree.  Fact is, most MSU fans don't have an MSU degree...look at all the elementary, junior high, and high school kids that are fans for starters.

I am an alum and there are good and bad fans in both the alum and non-alum groups.

Avant's Hands

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This is the point I never see anyone make and I don't get it. Are people not allowed to root for a team before college? What about people that never go to college? Are only college students and college alumni allowed to root for college football? Or if you go to a D2 school you can't root for D1 teams? This is such a dumb point and it blows my mind that people make it. 

I live in Grand Rapids and frequently get asked if I went to Michigan when I wear my hat (I did). 100% of the time that is an MSU fan. I don't get it.


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. Students and alumni want him gone, vehemently. They do not want to harbor someone who enables domestic violence.

I'm sure this is true for those who don't follow football.  But for alumni who are football fans?  Don't know.  People - even those with college degrees -  will rationalize away a lot when it's someone they like.


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Nonsense! Being employed by Ohio State did not provide Zach Smith access to his wife. Nor did it provide the venue. And the police were well aware of the situation.

A similar case involving Colorado University was dismissed in federal court, where the judge wrote, “Defendants’ alleged failure to follow the university’s rules and policies did not increase the risk of harm to (Fine) given that, as someone with no affiliation with or connection to the university, she was not within the group of individuals that the policies were designed to protect,” adding that the alleged perpetrator "could have engaged in the exact same conduct regardless of his affiliation with the university… The university and (defendants) provided neither access nor cover for Tumpkin’s alleged conduct”.

Compare that with the scandal at Penn State, where university officials hid the events from the police, while also giving Sandusky access to children and providing the venue where he committed his crimes.

I don't want Smith associated with Ohio State for any number of reasons, but Ohio State did not enable his conduct in any manner whatsoever.