If you had to choose to attend one game this season:

Submitted by FatGuyTouchdown on August 10th, 2016 at 4:34 PM

So the title is pretty self explanatory, if you had to choose one Michigan Football game to attend this season, which game would you choose? I'm looking to attend one game, and I'm down to Indiana, AT Michigan State, or AT Ohio State. For reference I've been to several Michigan football games, but never in the Big House. Answers need not be those three games. 

Sorry if this clogs up the board, just looking for some expert advice.



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The shoe is the only stadium in the conference I never dared take a date to. There have been close calls; one time a shoving match between my bud and a drunken OSUter but broke up just as quickly by myself and other drunken OSUters. I don't know if I have the strength to get involved in one of those again but if you do go there, be on guard. MSU fans require not much more than a multi syllable word to get them thinking long enough to plan and execute your escapse. 

Wolverine Devotee

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I am more intensely glued to the FFFF and previews of our opponent in not so big games.

Big games, you know what you're gonna get as far as schemes go.

I was seriously concerned about the UNLV game last year. I read the previews intensely so Ace and Brian can comfort me and put my mind at ease by telling me a team is bad and should feel bad.

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Probably Ohio State followed by Michigan State.

If you've never seen a game in the Big House, Wisconsin probably nudges Penn State for best home game, IMO.


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if you haven't been the Big House, the two best games there this year are PSU or Wisconsin and the Wisconsin game should be the tougher of the two.  The anticipation before a big game makes pre-game activities more fun and obviously the game a lot more exciting.  I would not recommend Hawaii or IU.

Another downside (or upside depending on your preference) to the IU game is it's likely to be colder/worse weather than PSU and Wisconsin.

A first game in the Big House would be a lot more fun than a game at MSU or OSU, IMO. 


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Go to OSU and wear maize.  Would love to see the shoe/toiletseat with our colors throughout, like they unfortunately do to the Big House when The Game is in Ann Arbor.

Indiana Blue

August 11th, 2016 at 10:29 AM ^

where are your facts about ohio people selling their tickets ?  You are wrong.  I know ohio fans personally and they will tell you straight up the their fans do not sell their Michigan game tickets.

It is pathetic what too many Michigan fans do with their osu tickets ... just being a whore for the money.  Pathetic.  These tickets are season holder tickets - WTF  if you buy season tickets why sell the ohio game ... cuz you can get $400 per ticket ?  Whore.

I'm lucky enough to have season tickets ... and fuck ohio fans, they would never get my tickets.

Go Blue!


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its your fuckin fault we haven't beaten them much.... 

All kidding aside, I have a very real inferiority complex right now with Ohio State, seeing as how in my lifetime they're 14-6 against Michigan, and 13-2 since I started watching football.