If you didnt already hate the Lions draft enough

Submitted by jbrandimore on April 28th, 2018 at 12:56 PM
They trade up AGAIN with Uncle Bill and select old friend Da’Shawn Hand. He’s possibly the only Alabama DL ever who does not look like he can play in the NFL. FML



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I was 2 when the Lions last won the Championship. All Lions’ drafts are presumed awful because of history. Their 2 best players in the 30 years quit football rather than continue earning millions of dollars playing for the Lions. What does that tell you?


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Excatly.  While it's unfair to judge Bob Quinn for 50 years of failure, how can any Lions fan ever feel optimistic about their draft?

Here's a stat for you: In the Super Bowl era, the Lions have 1 (ONE!!!) playoff win.  The Texas have 3 wins, the Chiefs (!) and Browns each have 4 wins, and every other franchise has won at least 5 playoff games.

Our skepticism has been earned.

The Uke

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What it tells me is one may have retired because he knew if he continued to play he would inevitably have passed his childhood idol as NFL career rushing leader. The other may have retired because he was truly concerned about CTE.


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So he's going to achieve it in the NFL? And we trade a 3rd round pick for the opportunity to see this minor miracle come to fruition? Another suprise trade with the Patriots AGAIN? I'm beginning to think our Patriot guys are going to be Patriot guys in a few years after they ruin the Lions some more.

Of course I hope I'm wrong but this draft just feels queer...


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especially considering he was behind Greise and then had to share time with Henson. In the 1999 and 2000 seasons he won big games against the Buckeyes (twice) Penn State (twice), Notre Dame, and Auburn and Alabama in bowl games. He set passing records during this time too. What about that screamed 6th round? Tom's problem was he wasn't too photogenic at the combines. 

Pepto Bismol

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So you know Matt Patricia's defensive philosophy, personnel and needs better than Matt Patricia?

That's what you're saying. I don't care, I just want to make sure you realize how ridiculous you sound.


The NFL proves every single year that the draft is impossible to predict. Even the best drafting organization miss WAY more than they hit. Nobody has any clue how any of this will pan out. People who get bent out of shape on draft day are lunatics.


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Did you know the Lions had the least amount of picks going into this draft of any team?

And instead of fixing this issue by trading DOWN as the well run teams tend to do, we traded up twice at the cost of two more draft picks.


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We're short draft picks and now we're getting shorter. Johnson is a good back but his style gets him injured; we gave a pick away for that risk. The DB, heck even he thought he was going in the 5th round. In the Sun Belt Conference he made THIRD team in 2017 and he made some good plays in the East West Shrine game, against other Seniors hoping to get a whiff of the NFL. That's it. And we give away another pick for him. What is easier to believe, the Lions are suddenly good at the draft or they are making very risky decisions?


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I mean, sometimes the people getting bent out of shape are right.  Washington trading away 15 future draft picks for RG3, for instance, seemed like a high price at the time.  The people who said this were right.


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The Lions needed a guy who could provide his great engineering expertise from the world renowned engineering school of the University of Alabama


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and when he talked to the Engineering folks, he was blown away and even his dad joked about being an engineer. The Michigan Engineering program has high prestige, he wants to be an Engineer, his dad wants to be an Engineer, it's looking real good...and then he goes to Alabama.


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We were pushing sports management reeeeeeally hard ("Professor Needs A Raise").  The implication was that he wasn't getting into Michigan's engine school.  That said, if I had to bet on it, he was drawn to the Alabama football program and leery of Hoke's (rightly as it turned out), engineering be damned.


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So far the farthest north that a Lions pick has played at their home campus is Fayetteville, Arkansas. I sense a rebellion...

Mike Damone

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am with you.  Love picks:

1 - Excellent guard for run game who can also play center,

2 - Terrific RB in SEC, thought he was best RB outside of Barkley,

4 - Hand could be a steal, with terrific size and skills - didnt meet expectations at Bama, but remember, it took LaMarr Woodley a few years at Michigan to hit his potential, and he turned out pretty damn good for Steelers.

5 - Crosby, OL from Oregon, is a 2nd round talent and is going to be a good pro.  Steal in 5th round

Pick at 3 with the Safety from Louisiana was a weird reach.  But 4 out of 5 look pretty good to me.

As a Lions fan - feel much better with Quinn as GM making these picks than the prior 45 years of a ton of stupid picks.


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Wasting a First on position that can found in later rounds. Drafting an injury prone RB who rubs high in the second, selecting a nullify at safety in the third, trading up to select training camp fodder in the fourth, and a backup in the 5th.

Bob Quinn is a buffoon.


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Mostly agree with you.  I'm not as high on the RB out of Auburn, but it's a need pick after busting on Abdullah.  Day 3 appears to be a good one for the Lions so far.  I just don't like trading up to take specific players as a general rule.