If you could have one past or current player on MGoBlog...

Submitted by justingoblue on May 5th, 2011 at 1:59 PM

If you could pick one current or past Michigan football player to post in the comments regularly, who would it be? I began thinking that Denard would be my obvious choice of current players, but then I started thinking more and I have to say that my number one choice would be Taylor Lewan. I think Lewan would be a funny poster who knows a ton about the "situation on the ground" right now, and knows the team personally.

I'm not sure about my pick for past player; Woodson is too obvious for me to pick in an OP. I'd have to say I'll take the second most obvious pick and go with Desmond Howard, since he would likely have great stories from his time here, and he has his ESPN contacts currently.

Anyway, is there a past or current player that you would love to see on MGoBlog? What's the reasoning behind your choice?



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My favorite response is Slocum's answer about his mother.  Who the hell refers to their bother as "dat b-tch" and says that she's "tha sh-t" in the same breath??  WTF??

I'm not sure what's more ridiculous - his responses or the fact that I could understand what he was saying in most all of the responses.



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I love posts like this to kill time at work...

Past: David Cone- because everything would be written by a lyrical genious that could bust into rhymes at any point. I also believe that everytime I read one of his posts I would hear a beat with it.

Present: Darryl Stonum- recruited by Carr, played for RR and now part of the Hoke team. I also loved it when he showed up at the presser wearing the Nerd glasses. Seems like a funny guy who would have a great perspective on the program and the team.


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Past: Woodley. His facebook fan page is usually pretty funny and is probably really insightful on the defensive side of the ball

Current: Stonum.  He seems (from his pressers) like a silly  guy and would be fun to have around.


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A couple years ago while I was finishing up my degree over the Spring/Summer, I decided to get a job checking IDs for a bar in Ann Arbor. Whenever underage football players would come in, they would always use Tony Pape's old Illinois drivers license. It was funny, because 4-5 different people used that same ID throughout the time I worked there.

ND Sux

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Desmond seems like a genuinely friendly and fun guy.  He is charismatic as hell, and has that million-dollar smile like Denard.  I'm happy for his well-deserved success after football, and proud that he was, and still is, blue. 

Waters Demos

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I'd be interested in hearing about his 51 carries against us in 2003.  Rivalry aside, you have to admire something like that.  Plus he's a consummate back, and the cornerstone of an entire offensive philosophy.  I'd be interested to know his view on changing offensive strategies. 


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Tom Brady for the past players.  We would hit it off on the blog and then become friends in real life.

Roy Roundtree for current players.  He seems like a funny dude.


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Any of our three Heisman winners. ..... Wonder what Harmon would do with the internet?  Probably run right at it and truck the shit out of it.


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I would vote for Kelly Baraka, so he can teach us all about his MMA training.

My vote for current player would go to Michael Cox, because then he could see that I'm the only one who's been on his bandwagon and that way he'll give me a small percentage of his salary when he runs for a million billion yards and enters the NFL Draft early next year.


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to be on Kelly's 5th grade Bantam basketball team in Portage. He was doing stuff then that I had never seen before on a basketball court. It sucked though when he ended my school's (Portage Central) winning streak over Northern in football. It was awful staring out the window at school and seeing those brown and orange goalposts. (Get your own damn stadium!) I would love to hear from him now to see if he and his family are still blaming "dark forces" in the community for him barfing up his scholarship.


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I don't think we'll ever have the pleasure of having Boren on this site. We don't have the family values that other blogs have to offer.

If he for some reason did join this blog and was open about his identity, I'd instantly neg him every single time he posted something. I would actually suggest Brian made a "fuck you, you fat slob" tag for the moderate function. Yeah, that would be fun.


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So you know, we have quite a few.

Unfortunately they don't include Dhani (that I know of), who would be my pick too.


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Well for one, GoBlueinMN's guy is a regular poster.

I won't say about anyone else because it's not up to me to reveal a user's identity. I wouldn't reveal yours to anyone either (except to Dhani Jones, because then he would be impressed that I am important and shit and we'd be best pals and travel the world on bicycles together and talk about global environmental politics and football, and we'd have the cheerleaders come too to keep us company...

I would sacrifice you all for that. Sorry.