If you are Brady Hoke

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and you just endured two consecutives season which by many accounts had the worst offensive line in Division 1 football how do you justify keeping the offensive line coach?

We all agree that the offensive as a whole did not perform to expectations. Most of the blame for the failure is because of the offensive line. Hoke has used inexperience and injuries as reasons for poor line play. I suppose in part this is true yet many Division 1 schools have succeeded despite inexperience and injuries. 

Hoke decided to replace the Borges with Nussmier which in my opinion is an excellent move though somewhat puzzling since Hoke has stated that the problems with the offense was youth and injuries. If true, why was Borges let go and Funk retained? Even more curious is why tell the new OC he cannot have a say on staffing decision concerning the offense? If you are Nussmier and know you are inheriting a less than average offensive line and you cannot do anything about it would be like performing brain surgery wearing a catchers mitt.

By what logic does Hoke keep and protect Funk? I am not trying to get anyone fired here but I am flummoxed by the reasoning of letting Borges go and keeping Funk.






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Goddamn it, you morons already got your sacrifical lamb in Borges. Wait till Nussemier installs his zone blocking scheme and the OL comes back onto the field with some seasoning under their young belts.

Roc Blue in the Lou

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IMO Borges failed to find the ONE THING (See Billy Chrystal, et al) this offense could do well,  so he tried several things and had nothing.  I really saw that when we went for the exoctic 2-point conversion in the bowl game (successful) on a highly creative, complex play that, obviously, the offense had practiced to perfection.  IIRC, the commentators were all agog on that one.  Here's the problem:  when the heck did he have time to set that up when the whole damn house of cards was a burning train wreck?  Yeah i just metaphored the shizzle out of that.  Too much focus on the minor and not nearly enough on the major.  Get a running game the Oline can handle before you send out your quadrupple tight-end reverse screen!  Whew, i feel better, been holding that bitter pill since December 28th.


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Im going to down vote you or give you negative points or whatever because im 16 years old and I guess that shits important and then im going to say constructive criticism is not allowed on here, and if you dont believe me then look at the very important comments people leave about my post. 


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Funk has coached NFL talent. Offensive linemen don't become first round picks overnight. Yes, youth is an issue. Inexperience is an issue. But Molk, Lewan, and Schofield aren't good just because they stepped onto the field. They got coached. Let's see what happens this year.

As for Borges, if any head coach is willing to bash their offensive coordinator mid season, that shows a lack of respect, commitment, and is very divisive. I wouldn't think that head coach should even be a head coach if he is willing to throw his OC under the bus like that mid-season. That's not fair to the players, the coaches, the athletic department, the students, and the fans. Borges got his chance and Hoke decided he wasn't the best fit for the program after Borges put together a body of work that proved it.


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Hoke is everyone's best friend. He is very good friends with his entire staff, and moreso with Funk. Sometimes I think his loyalty is a hinderance.


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On December 2 Hoke said, "I anticipate the staff (returning)..."

The word "anticipate" is frequently used in these situations specifically to give the speaker wiggle room. Hoke would have been crazy to tell the media before the bowl game that he was going to make changes to the staff.

If you don't want to see any nuance in what Hoke said, that's your business.

Cold War

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A "Fire Funk" post on MGoBlog is being downvoted 4-39 and people are defending Funk. Is today Upside Down Day? Should I wear my pajamas to work and eat my dinner for  breakfast?


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A program cannot be built quickly without stability. I believe Hoke is trying to keep most of the coaching staff, because he doesn't want so many different coaches. Cam Gordon made it public that it was hard because he has had 7 different position coaches. Also, I don't know many teams in the top 25 that had extremely young offensive lines with no leader. Lewan was a great player, but we can tell from this rape incident he is in no way a team leader.

I dumped the Dope

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Recall how Nebraska's defense said they could tell the plays Michigan was going to run...

Recall how many times we tried to jam it up into a loaded box...

Recall how the bubble screen as a solution to defensive aggressiveness was laughed off...

It was pretty obvious we didn't have the OL in '13 to actually run teams over.  So when we did run (and I think there were some cues...I can't tell what specifically, but I bet Mattison could figure it out) it was a numerical mismatch.

Bubble screens as a solution were laughed off.  I saw some lightning slants but those were rarely caught...the timing has to be too perfect imho.  Chesson never really got any deep balls thrown at him.

I think this fits with the "no identity" as there was really none to speak of.  It was serviceable, but it lacked balance, or otherwise said, the play variety to keep the defense off-balance and guessing.  Ohio seemed to be sort of a turning point, but that was a little too late.

Trying to ignite the torches and ferret out Funk doesn't seem to be the right idea....yet.  Lets see what Nuss can do, I bet its going to be greater than the season prior.

And if Hoke thinks a change would help, then my guess is he will do it.