If we played OSU tomorrow what would the line be?

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I watched them vs Indiana. They're Ok... I guess.



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Osus D ends would give Ulizio one hell of a time. The offenses would be a struggle fest. I think our wide outs would be open given their youth on d but it'll come down to Speight



So obviously Michigan -5 


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How does that merit an unsportsmanlike call? With all of the trash talking, posing, and overzealous reactions that are commonplace, they flagged a guy for treating the ball like a fidget spinner. What do they think this is? The NFL?


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Guy's give perry a break. I really just think he has developed that habit and he needs to consciously break it. The second time he did it, you could tell he did it without thought. Of course the refs don't care so he needs to stop doing it. Regardless of spinning the ball he has way better hands than crawford and proves to be a valuable weapon.

As far as the line against osu today, I don't know but like I said from the beginning, Michigan will be favored in every game this year. I also said or maybe just thought that Ty Isaac would lead the team in rushing, but will see. Evans is shifty and boy Higdon runs hard.

Always new the defense would be good, but man we might have the number one defense again. Don't see Cincinatti scoring a point.


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go much differently than expected?  Not really.  They covered by a TD we covered by a little more and were a little more dominant than that.  So probably not much different than the line was this morning or yesterday.

That game should be a virtual pick em.  No need to talk about a shift by a point or two one way or the other every week, mmmmkay?


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The market doesn't change drastically based on one game samples. The GOY (game of the year) line on most offshore betting sites was OSU -7. (6.5 some places). It would be in that range if the game was next week, but I will assume that by end of the season it is closer to Michigan between a PK and +3. 


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Since 2003 it's always either been a close game or a blowout OSU win. As long as Harbaugh is around I doubt OSU will ever be more than -7. But they've won all but one of the close games I can even remember, and I am 27 years old.


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our defense is suffocating. im really impressed with the staff finally assembling some speed at LB...especially on the road for them...nordin just turned into an asset that we really could have used last year in cbus

Amaizin' Blue

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The great thing is... we don't play them tomorrow. Who cares what the line is just give our young team and coaches time to improve.

Will Ulizio have trouble vs them... sure. But given a full year under Drevno and Frey, I'm sure he and the rest of the line (starters and backups) will be better than what we saw yesterday. And vs a really good FL DLine we did better than OK

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It would be bad, as it should be. Michigan needs a full season for a lot of things to kick in . . . for the OL to gel, for the secondary to gel, for all the receivers to get their route running down, for Speight to get timing down and calm down, for Michigan to learn OSU's tendencies,

I hate Urban Meyer's smirk. But he has earned it. He has 3 national championships, 5 conference championships, several more divisional championships. He has been at the top in recruiting in the last 5 years.

I love Jim Harbaugh. He is the best possible coach for Michigan. He and Michigan are going to win. But they haven't done it yet. Until they do, we have to shut up and expect to be trolled. We don't have any room to brag, or to puff out our chest and talk about how good we are compared to OSU.

Win that game, as soon as possible. Until then, be glad we have a season for the youth to figure things out.


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So heres what is going to happen. OSU is going to almost lose to Iowa, MSU, or UI then they're gonna steam roll Michigan and win the big ten, going on to lose to Bama or whoever they play in the playoff. Next year is Harbaugh's chance with his recruiting classes having experience, and if he cant beat OSU going 0-4 against Meyer it's back to ground zero. The big money alums will turn on him [not deserved] and all the sudden the spring breaks, great recruiting classes and preaching wont matter. Shoulda won last year, wont win this year. Best beat the fuckeyes in the horeshoe next year or were back in the dark ages. Speight is the only chance. 


Love y'all


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After seeing our defense I am going to say they are going to make JT throw the ball. I do not believe JT is goin to improve his throwing. But I believe Spheight is going to improve. Their running game will be offset by ours. So M -3. I know people are down on Spheight, including me. But I believe he is going to surprise us thanks to Harbaugh and Pep.

Ghost of Fritz…

September 3rd, 2017 at 7:22 AM ^

Until I see Speight actually turn in a strong performance against a really good team, M will be a decided underdog against OSU.

So far he has played mediocre to poor against all of the quality opponents he has faced.  Great at running the offense, great at the line, great at reading defense.  Very inconsistent passer.

There is still hope.  Rudock was not very good for the first half of 2015.   Then something clicked and he was really good in the 2nd half of 2015. 

That happened for Rudock as a 5th year senior.  Speight is a RS junior, so it could still happen for him too. 

Ghost of Fritz…

September 3rd, 2017 at 9:44 AM ^


Speight will most likley continue to combine some excellent overall play and passes with several weirdly inaccurate balls.  

But it is not over yet.  Again, light bulb did not really go on for Rudock until very late in his college career.  While not super common, there have been cases of QB's steadily improving throughout their college careers to end up at a very high level.

Speight still has not put together anything above mediocre against a quality opponent.  His next chance to do so comes against Penn State.