If Signing of the Stars Happened in Years Past...

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I had this thought a year ago when I was working on This Month in MGoBlog History and reading the content of signing day in 2006. What if Signing of the Stars was held in years past? Who would have been invited? What celebraties would have been involved? 

Obviously, the personality of the coach is a big factor, but there were connections that Bo or Lloyd or others could have utilized, if they had come up with this idea (and of course internet/media today makes it a whole lot different than 40 years ago). Here are a few thoughts I had. 

The first name that comes to mind for Bo is Gerald Ford, either as a Congressman in the early 70s or after he was out office in the 80s. Tom Harmon also seems likely as a former Heisman winner and longtime broadcaster. Somehow I can also picture Bo being able to bring in Bob Hope to MC the event. Former players and current NFL stars would have been a draw: Dierforf, McKenzie, etc. Dick Enberg might have been another option for MC with the local connection (Armada!). 

I don't know if there is anyone obvious for Moeller. Again, probably former players like Anthony Carter, Jim Harbaugh, Rick Leach, or Desmond after he graduated. Members of the '89 basketball team migth have been a big draw (Rice, Mills, Robinson). Maybe Barry Larkin?

Lloyd seems like the least likely to hold this kind of event, but again an obvious name jumps out in Russell Crowe. I remember there was a connection with the '97 team and Crowe, but I had completely forgotten about this in 2007. Woodson and Brady would have been big names, and maybe a few hockey players like Morrison and Turco. 

It probably wouldn't have gone well if Rodriguez held this event. Add Josh Groban joke here. 

Unfortunatley, Hoke's big connection would have been Jason Wittlock, so that wouldn't have gone over well. He would have had the luxury of some of the old guard coming back to the fold; however, let's not imagine Dave Brandon running this event. 

Any any names I'm missing? Any other celebrity connections long forgotten? 


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Before the 1985 edition of The Game, Bo had Bo Derek visit with the team.  She was a big name at the time, so I'd put her on the list for Bo.

Derek really didn't do much except pose for Polaroids with the players. Harbaugh taped his to his locker. "To see her was pretty impressive," the quarterback said. "Although she did look kind of nervous around so many big guys. It's probably because she's so short. Oooh. Maybe I'd better not say that."



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Well, let's be fair......with Dave Brandon running it the crowds would be a lot larger. But they would be protesters , not patrons. He would however feed the protesters with dominos pizzas and "go root for another school" lines

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Madonna was one of the biggest stars of her era. Plus I'm sure the recruits would've enjoyed the pointy bras.

"Don't go for second best, baby. Put yourself to the test."


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But I'll never forget the SI article - could have been SPORT,, but think it was S.I. on the two Bo's, Derek and Schembechler. It was obvious Bo was comfortable during the entire article, photos and all. I'm guessing he would not have  hesitated to call on her if such an even took place. I also think many members of his first squad, especially after about a decade of NFL fame, would have fit in nicely as well. Bo would have surprised. Many thought his life was football, but he had a great amount of confidence in a number of different areas. 


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Gary or Lloyd definitely would have invited back Heisman favorite Tim Waymen.  I still remember that great game he had against ESU.