"But if Michigan would have won, Trey Burke would have been God" - Nix

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"I just watch a lot of basketball, and a lot of guys get credit that I don't think (deserve) it," Nix said. "I think there's a lot of overrated players out there. Like me and (Adreian) Payne, I think there's a lot of underrated players. I just feel that way.

"I don't know if it's us as players, I don't know if it's Michigan State, I don't know what it is. I just feel like none of us get credit. (Indiana's Victor) Oladipo is no different than (Branden) Dawson. Dawson's not on the draft board, Oladipo is in the top 15."

"But if Michigan would have won, Trey Burke would have been God," Nix said. "Tim Hardaway would have been God. Glenn Robinson would have been God. The freshmen would have been God. We won, and they didn't even show our highlights. That's pitiful."





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Yeah, Oladipo and Dawson are totally the same...

Oladipo: 14.3 points/game, 5.9 rebounds/game, 2.4 assists/game, 64% shooting, 52% 3FG

Dawson: 10.8 points/game, 6.4 rebounds/game, 1.4 assists/game, 56% shooting, 0% 3FG


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I don't want to be too hard on him just because he's a Sparty, but he can have his own say in this.

If MSU wins the Big Ten/Big Ten Tourney/Final Four, they'll get lots of credit.  Just like nobody remembers who was #1 in January, nobody remembers who was rated a lottery pick in January.

Just play and let the results at the end of the season speak for themselves.



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Well based on the way we played last Tuesday I think what he meant to say was "FOR Michigan to win on Tuesday Burke would've needed to be replaced by God."

And even then I'm not sure we could've won the game.  God would only be one player and I don't know if he could've carried the load on his own with zero help from Hardaway, Robinson and Stauskas.



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Acting like their football team. Geez last time I checked they have owned our ass in basketball. Looks like they are getting a little doubt in their mind now that we are actually good again and football is back to normal. Sparty on


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...because basketball from the 40s and 50s is just like today's game

I mean, it's a lot more similar than football is compared to that time.

But what would it matter anyway? Sports evolve - even baseball. Does that mean we ignore older time periods? Are you suggesting that had a sport been similar to how it is today 80 years ago that for some reason it would be more advantageous to another team?

Wow, those were complicated sentences. I hope my point got across.


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It really is amazing how their mindset is so similar whether it's football or basketball. Even more remarkable considering all of the success their basketball program has had in the last 10-12 years.

I'd love to see an in-depth psychological study on why certain programs and fanbases think the way that they do. Like how do Georgia Tech and Georgia fans interact? USC - UCLA. Is there anything weird between ND and Indiana?


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There's not really anything between ND and Indiana, but there surely is between Indiana and Purdue.

Purdue fans have developed the same "little brother" syndrome as MSU fans - they're more concerned with how IU does than their own team. To them, an IU loss is more important than a Purdue win; especially recently with IU being pretty good.


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As a Texas resident, I feel A&M falls into this category. It may change a little now that they're in the SEC but most seem more concerned about UT rather than how their team is doing. A lot of them even have logos on their truck windows of a longhorn with his horns "sawed off". Meanwhile Texas seems more concerned about Oklahoma (kind of like UM with Ohio).


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Yep, and your coach is underrated too. Just listen to him whine and cry. Your team has no leadership. Good luck in Europe with the rest of your brothers. Dray will be there soon too.

San Diego Mick

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but keep spouting off Sparty, we'll see you in AA soon and things will be different. Our team went through a rough patch where a bad decision by Coach B not to have an inbound defender against Wisc kept us from going 2-2 in that stretch.

I still believe in the team, they're growing up and taking their licks and hopefully will mature from it.

In 1989, we went through a tough stretch and won it all, in 2006, Florida started out 14 or 15-0 before losing, they were young, went through a tough time, lost 7 games before the tourney started and they matured enough to take the whole thing.

U-M can do that as well, we shall see.


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Can we stop comparing this team to past great teams. All those teams would crap on this team because they play DEFENSE. Even that Florida 06 team played DEFENSE.

This team is built to outscore you and if you get them in a halfcourt set they are in deep trouble. Let's not worry about sparty as they clearly do what they need to do to get motivated. Maybe we need to find something to get motivated and play D at some point. 

This tough stretch excuse is getting really annoying. Tough teams that grind it out win those type of games and this team didn't.


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Had Michigan gone 2-2 during that stretch I don't think anyone would make a comment. But a supposed top 5 team should not go 1-3 no matter how difficult the stretch is. That's the difference between being elite vs. good. Michigan proved they are not an elite team this year. After the start they had, that's a tough adjustment for some fans.


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you can't get that four games in nine days is murder on the third-youngest team in college ball? "Tough teams, tough teams," blah blah blah. Playing the man-card from your sofa is just lame. It is what it IS, for god's sake. 

Further, I don't think you have been watching much, because they had lots of glorious half-court buckets earlier in the year. The O is predicated this year not so much on outscoring (what does that even mean?) but on having the threat come from all sides. Shut down GRIII and minimize Stauskas and--yes--this is a far easier team to defend. 

As if a coach shouldn't build his team around what he's got.


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It's almost as if Nix was just moving his mouth and Izzo was talking.  Three points:

1.  Izzo and his merry band of future gas station attendants are all whiney bitches.
2.  Even after they crushed us, Izzo was complaining about Michigan having an unfair recruiting advantage...in 1991 (and omitted how he had no recuriting competition for the rest of his career...thanks, Brian Ellerbe!)
3.  State's obsession with Michigan is a big reason they won so handily.  While we were preparing for Ohio, Indiana and Wisc, they had one team to prepare for.  They'd gladly lose every other game if only to beat us; which says a lot given our lengthy hiatus from relevance.