If Hoke is NOT let go right away will the non-Muggles try and save him?

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Assuming Hoke is not let go in the next 24 hours will the players and ex-players FINALLY acknowledge what us Muggles have known for quite some time - that Hoke is not the answer as HC?  Given that all season we have been told by players and ex-players just how insanely awesome Hoke is and that he just needs a bit more time to turn things around I'm wondering if any of them will break ranks and call for the dismissal of their good friend Brady Hoke.

My fear remains that those with influence inside the Athletic Department will continue to lobby for Hoke to be retained to preserve their buddy's career in spite of his horrendous and declining record.  And like it or not they have access to Hackett that we do not enjoy so right or wrong their voice campaigning loudly to save their buddy will be heard while ours is not.  



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Pasch asked him if he thinks Hoke is gone and instead of giving the normal political answer. Griese said: "I think so, and I think Michigan has the right AD to find the right guy to coach. Brady is a good man, but he knows it's a performance business and he hasn't performed."



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I did actually and he was saying that the team should be allowed to be behind the coach. I agree that the current players should be behind their coach. IMO the OP though was more talking about people like Desmond Howard and other former players who need to figure out that their guy failed and they played a huge part in our current situation.

Too bad and happy the team fought today even though it wasn't enough. Hopefully we get a good coach and everybody gives him the same support given to Hoke since day one. Onward and upward and let's put this tough period of Michigan Football behind us so we can get back to Leaders and Best.


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That's a possibility. I guess it's all about who they are targeting. If it is Harbaugh and he has told them an answer, maybe they wait until the dead recruiting period begins. Or they keep hoke on to recruit if harbaugh makes playoffs. If Harbaugh has already told them no, but miles says yes or stoops or whoever the second choice is, then they could let him go earlier than later.

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Season Ticket Renewals


Stadium Debt Debenture Servicing


AD in the black or in the red.

These factors outweigh non-muggle defenses (if that's possible, now) of Hoke

Bottom Line.


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like to retain him STILL, I can't see even those in power seeing him as the answer, or that they would disrespect the muggles who back the program so much that they wouldn't fear a  REVOLT if he was retained.


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Unless a new coach is announced the same time the old one is fired, that's one less person that can sell a recruit on Michigan.  It's likely to be a "move in a different direction" mutual parting of ways rather than a press release termination.

carlos spicywiener

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OP i mean this with all the sincerity I can muster:

Players are allowed to have opinions and feelings towards coaches.

Kids sometimes get heated and say things they don't mean or regret.

You are a grown man, stop passively agressively holding it against them.

Be mature.

Stop bringing up the "muggles" term.

Just shut up.


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I'm not sure where you are getting your information but I heard him explain it pretty clearly that he's an analyst and therefore it isn't his place to call for him to be retained or fired. He made that very clear. He thinks Hoke is a great guy and is going to support the team to the end but that and saying he's going to back Hoke are two different things.

The FannMan

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The context of the comment is more than one text by Mealer (who is not currently a player or a kid). Todd Howard something for Seth to put up that basically told all fans to STFU and that only Michigan players had opinions that mattered. The rest of us are, in his words "mere fans."

Add into that the interference of the Michigan Men in not hiring Miles in 2007 and in focusing on Hoke in 2008. I think this is a legitimate post.


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For Chrissakes get your player's names straight. The Michigan kicker was Mike Lantry. Greg Landry was the Lions QB from '68 to '78.

And referring to '74 (as well as '70, '72, and '73) as a year we missed a bowl without providing the full context is misleading anyhow. We finished 10-1, but because of the criminally stupid Big Ten rules at the time, only the conference champion could go to a bowl game. 9-2 Notre Dame got into the Orange Bowl. 9-2 Penn State played 8-3 Baylor in the Cotton Bowl, and it's almost a certainty that a 10-1 Michigan would have been selected ahead of either ND or PSU for a spot in one of those New Year's Day bowls.

Get Jim Harbaugh

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I'll be honest. I donated $20,000 to the university last year. If they don't fire Hoke and get a guy who can coach and develop players, I will seriously consider not donating until they do...or at least not nearly as much. The athletic director needs to be sent a message.


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...of a similar contribution program in Dec 2010 (deductibility reasons).  I wish I had waited.  I was mad as hell when Hoke was hired.  I haven't made a contribution since and I'm unlikely to in the future.  I also gave up 35 years of season tickets at that time.

I feel your pain, but this isn't going to get better soon.