If Denard can't go, might get in for one "symbolic play"

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Angelique at the Detroit News reports that on the Stoney and Bill radio show this morning they asked Hoke if he would consider putting Denard in for one last play at home if he can't start. 



"That would be something I would think about, but to be honest with you," Hoke said. "The seniors and the guys and the people who are truly Michigan fans, I think they understand the significance he's had."

So you may not have seen Denard for the last time at Michigan Stadium. Maybe.





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If I recall, his leg was all messed up and despite that, he was stalking Coach Moeller on the sidelines and constantly asking to get in the game.  I think it was against Wisconsin.  Moeller got him in for one screen pass, the Wisconsin guys (to their credit), played extremely soft coverage, and when he caught the ball, the crowd went nuts.  That was a great Michigan memory. 

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Captain of the team.  Blew out his knee pre-season.  I'm thinking it was Minny, but am not certain.  I think he was supposed to make the catch and go down, but instead tried to get some yards (but maybe I'm embellishing that part).


EDIT:  Whoops should have looked below first.


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If Coach Hoke has already thought about this, it seems to me that Denard will most likely not be playing much this Saturday.  Although I do find it somewhat strange that Coach would tip his hand like this.  I'd much more expect Brady to simply say Denard is "banged up" or "we'll see how he feels."  Very telling.


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My Hokespeak is a little rusty but I think that roughly translates to, "Denard is going to start and play the entire game at QB."

"Symbolic play" doesn't seem like something Hoke would say if he were leaning towards sitting him.  Sounds more like something Brandon would say though Brandon would probably have Denard out there with a commemorative patch commemorating himself.


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People know how much Denard has meant to this program.  He has been an outstanding person and teammate while remaining dedicated to Michigan.  The last three years have shown that to be true over and over.  I don't really think he needs a "symbolic play" for people to remember him or for his career to be meaningful.  Don't get me wrong, I would love nothing more than to see him trot out onto that feild healthy and lead his team to victory over Iowa, but that being said I would not want to jeprodize his health or risk any adverse consequenses of sending him in to a game if he is not in fact fit to play.  Nerve injuries are difficult things to judge and if he doesn't take it easy until it is fully healed it could have long lasting reprocussions.  I love denard too much to have him lose it all on a symbolic but ultimately meaningless gesture.


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at some point Saturday is a must, IMO. They have been the catalysts for Hoke to bring this program back to repectability.


One thing I haven't seen discussed is when DR runs the football, he ALWAYS carries the ball with his left hand. This eliminates the gripping problem the nerve issue has caused with his right hand during a run play. I could see him getting a couple of real run plays rather than just a cameo if further injury isn't an issue.

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...I've been wondering that too.

Not that I've ever been one of those people who insisted he wasn't a good QB or anything, but he's still an electric runner & a weapon.  Why not get him on the field if possible?  Gardner was willing to try reciever and I'd imagine that Denard is just as selfless.  I guess this just points to the fact that the injury must be too severe to risk letting him take a hit.


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Denard is still your starting QB unless otherwise noted - I could see changing the playcalls to accommodate any limitations, but not putting him out of position.

It would be nice to see him out there for at least some of the game if he is available, but as other have mentioned, he has meant so much to Michigan and done so much for the program simply by being here as well as through his play that it would be a bonus rather than a necessity on many levels. Even Kirk Ferentz said that the Hawkeyes were preparing based on the assumption that both Robinson and Gardner would be under center. Consider also that there are the Buckeyes and a bowl to prepare for guaranteed, and a healthy Denard would be invaluable for those, so if he plays Saturday, it's likely at QB, and I imagine for only a portion of the game.

That being said, it is really a day for all the seniors on this team, and hopefully they are all out there at some point - this group has been through quite a bit, and it has not been easy on them, I am sure. They deserve every clap and every decibel of that ovation, in my opinion.



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I remember our LB Mays in the Rose Bowl ('97) got in for one play.. I believe it was National Title team. He had career ending knee injury. Classy move by L Carr and staff to get him into the game.


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Senior day is nice but I think we have to play him against OSU if there is any way possible. We don't need him against Iowa so unless he is close to 100%, I say keep him on the bench.

Now, for OSU, I think you pull out all the stops including using Denard as a running back against OSU if he can't go at quarterback.