Idiot SEC Talking head calls Harbaugh pathetic after shot at Saban

Submitted by YoungGeezy on June 1st, 2016 at 8:43 PM

This guys has got to be out his cotton-pickin' mind.

Interesting he only talks about Michigan's losses in this clip and how we got blown out against OSU to close the season and fails to mention the Florida Gators barbecue. I guess this is what ESPN considers a journalist.



June 1st, 2016 at 11:39 PM ^

Hit the nail on the head. OSU did destroy UM at home during Pathetic Harbaughs debut. Nobody gives a rats ass about UM beating one of the worst Florida teams in 20 years. Fact is MSU and OSU were losses and the only two teams worth a shit UM played all season. Fucking Pathetic !!

Moreover Harbaugh knows deep down just how pathetic UM really is. This is why UM only schedules 1 prime time game for the whole season. While OSU will play no less than 5 and MSU 4. Jimmy is afraid of getting embarrassed on national tv.


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I'm not a fan of using an in conference rival game as a "diss" when you're a huge pro-SEC person. Give credit where credit is due, but that's too much for media heads.

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Finebaum's "reasoning" for those who want to spare themselves a brutal 2:17:

1) Finebaum used to be a fan of Jim Harbaugh;
2) But now JH has gone after Nick Saban;
3) Saban is the best coach in college football b/c he has 5 NCs;
4) Harbaugh lost some games in 2015, thus he's irrelevant;
5) Ergo, Harbaugh and his satellite camps are pathetic.


June 1st, 2016 at 9:12 PM ^

I should add that, apart from the obvious fallacy of conflating "being the best football coach" with "being right on satellite camps," his contention that Harbaugh is irrelevant begins with Harbaugh having been "fired" from the 49ers and then losing three games in his first season at M. Yet JH did far better in the NFL than Saban did, and after Saban was fired (for poor performance, not because of a douchebag owner) Alabama went just 7-6 in Saban's first season.


June 2nd, 2016 at 12:55 AM ^

when hired Paul was publicly on Jim's cock but he works for the SEC. I guarantee that he may not like Jim but he's being told to go after him. I don't think Paul is so stupid as to fail to see the ironic and hypocritical ocean he's swimming in while cursing Jim. I just don't. Yet, because ESPN has aligned with the SEC we need people like Jim defending not only Michigan but the rest of CFB from their hypothetical attacks. Jim gives zero fucks about those that will say one thing and do another and ESPN apparently doesn't. Sadly, most Americans get their sports news/info from ESPN. I wish more coaches would publicly call out the Sabans, Freezes, etc of the CFB world. Winning doesn't make you right about everything, especially when you consider HOW they win. The SEC has about 2 HCs I'd piss on if they were on fire. That's it. I don't like him but Meyer has the resume to be able to really put these guys in their place but he ran such a dirty program at UF that he can't if he wanted to. HE IS AN SEC STYLE HC. The SEC is made up of Saban and Meyer guys that know who they truly are. It's unfortunate that those who could speak up don't or can't due to their own issues.


June 1st, 2016 at 9:01 PM ^

I notice there is no comment field.  Personally, I think we should all do our best to make Brian's wonderful description of the SEC, "League of Extraordinary Bagmen," a staple of comment fields across the nation.

I pledge to do my share.


June 1st, 2016 at 9:51 PM ^

great things. They will follow the lead of Harbaugh and the swagger and confidence coupled with talent and hard work will unleash the hounds of hell to those who stand against us.

Pass me a Labatts Blue.


June 2nd, 2016 at 1:22 AM ^

Finebaum is as an idiot, again talking about how irrelevant Jim Harbaugh is, talking again about Jim Harbaugh, just like he did a couple weeks ago several times, in the off season, pointing out how irrelevant Harbaugh is, and to prove how irrelevant JH is, he recites Harbaugh's history "did a good job at SF before they fired him", forgot to mention the complete and unbelievable culture change at Stanford that was so fucking complete that that program remains on a high level. Harbaugh is so irrelevant that the SEC talked a lot about him in their recent meetings and Saban talked about him after the meetings, and reporters asked Saban and Smart about Harbaugh, and all Harbaugh has to do is tweet an honest sentence and Finebaum will take 2 and 17 seconds talking about how irrelevant is.


June 1st, 2016 at 9:04 PM ^

Sad part guys like Cowherd, and Spielman are leaving at a rapid rate. Yet, morons like Finebaum, Kannell, and Russilo are still there opening their mouths. ESPN sure turned into MTV real fast.