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Detroit — Five-star Belleville junior offensive tackle Devontae Dobbs says Michigan’s coaches are still not talking to him much.

The 6-4, 290-pound prospect, ranked the No. 2 offensive tackle in the nation for 2019 by Scout.com, currently has 26 offers and says he’s not leaning toward any one school. He added, however, that he thinks Ohio State, where he likes the game day atmosphere, would be one of his top teams.

“Especially after the Michigan game, the fans just went all on the field,” Dobbs said Friday during a Sound Mind Sound Body leadership forum in Detroit.

Dobbs recently visited Michigan State, where he talked to coach Mark Dantonio. He said his favorite thing about Michigan State is the positivity of the coaches.

“I’m working on helping my teammates get better,” Dobbs said. “The coaches want me to continue what I’ve been doing, just get stronger. I want to commit before my senior year.”



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May mess with everyone's feelings, but it is important to note that we are in great position with some VERY talented offensive linemen for the 2019 class.  Trevor Keegan and Logan Brown may even commit before the season starts.  Harbaugh + Drevno + Frey should have our trust on the offensive line.

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I doubt Harbaugh would spend that much time/energy just to troll D'Antonio, especially if it involves toying with a kid's recruitment.  More likely he just isn't that high up on our board for whatever reason.

But it would be funny if we just dangled guys out in front of MSU so they spend all kinds of time/energy on a kid, only to yoink them back to Ann Arbor come NSD.



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Anyone that this staff couldn't turn around was CLEARLY so messed up and traumitized by the previous staff that they were beyond repair.

And if anyone recruited by this staff fails to pan out, it will obviously be a result of the FUNKy microbiome left behind that still infiltrates the facilities to this day. 

It can be the only explanation.


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ahhh yes make fun of people who care about stars always a good one.

Except people who care about starz seem to be more reasonable than Harbaugh bots who went from drinking 2% to drinking whole the day Harbaugh said to.

And in this case Michigan is targeting high 4*s at his position not low 3*s. There is a difference


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I'll trust the recruiting experts since they see these kids more than anyone and their rankings are generally accurate. Recruiting rankings matter and pretending they don't is foolish. I think the question people should be asking themselves is why is Dobbs a priority for the team that has beaten us 12 out of the last 14 times but not for UM.


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Really? You're going to trust the "recruiting experts" who give rankings based on general football abilities rather than our own coaching/recruiting staff who are looking for specific fits for our team and system?

And don't be so sure that the recruiting sites see more of these guys than our staff does, especially since this kid lives in MI


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The recruiting rankings are accurate and those analysts see these kids at camps more than the college coaches do. What's funny is that somehow this kid is a "fit" for Urban Meyer and Dabo Swinney and Nick Saban but not for Michigan. I think it's a fair question to ask why programs who have been perenially more successful than UM lately want Dobbs and UM doesn't. If you want to blindly trust the coaches (heard this lame mantra dating back to Rich Rod) then go right ahead. I'll trust the recruiting rankngs because the teams that sign top 5 classes year after year are the teams that compete for national titles, and it's why everyone was so excited about last years class. People want to have it both ways here. 


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Your posts indicate you don't understand how they matter.

Many sources, very much including this blog, have demonstrated that recruiting rankings are broadly predictive of player success.  So a higher rated class is generally going to outperform a lower rated class.  That means when Rich Rod was bringing in classes filled primarily with 3* and low 4* players, "trust the coaches" was not a great argument - there was objective reason to believe that Michigan's classes would be worse than higher rated classes overall.

But this argument fails when you're recruiting like Harbaugh, with top 10 and (it looks like 3 out of 4 years) top 5 classes.  Across the board, the rankings predict his classes will be as successful as virtually anyone else's.  His evaluation of an individual player that Michigan has certainly scouted repeatedly in person is something that, against his overall success, fans can reasonably feel comfortable relying on.  (Including because he'll almost certainly be replaced by a high 4*).

Harbaugh's not perfect - his evaluation was almost certainly wrong on David Reese, for example.  He's also recruited guys like St Juste who blew up afterwards.  But the idea - your idea - that a single player has a 5* ranking and some potentially commitable offers so Michigan must make them a priority is how you end up like Miami.


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We all know Harbaugh and his staff seem to evaluate talent fairly quickly and do a good job of it. Once they have a target they are all in 100 mph.

I can only surmise that in these situations something is missing. It could be upside, academics, work ethic, character or they just don't rank ahead of the guys on the board under their criteria.

We all know recruiting rankings matter. But i think Harbaugh and staff are very surgical in their process.

It's not a stretch to think a bunch of Michigan coaches may have relationships and access that coaches in Ohio or Alabama may not have access to. We also don't know how hard those schools are pushing.


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That IS the arguement.  Forget the ratings for a second - why is this kid sought after by virtually every top program BUT ours?  Perhaps we know something they dont (its possible given our proximity) but it's also possible we're wrong and everybody else is right.

You have to admidt it's odd when we're making offers to kids so under the radar they arent even ranked yet while passing on a 5 star O linemen in our backyard.

Love Harbaugh and wouldnt trade him for any other coach in the world.  But he's not perfect and questioning the hard pass here is pretty reasonable IMO.

That is if anyone but Maizen says it.


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Thanks buckeye - your viewpoint is very helpful here.

Of course you think what he "means" is why trust Harbaugh over Urbz or Saban, but what the dude said is trust the crootin services over Harbaugh cuz it's their job to rate players.

So, I would ask, who's closest - in distance - to this school and these players? And to the coach who's pro-Michigan in his social media presence?

Not Nick Saban, who may be tossing out offers largely based on Starz figuring "what's to lose?"

That's all. I personally think Maizen's got his F*n nerve saying it even once; but to post, re-post, debate the point despite any counter-arguments?

That's what idiots do! As I point out in the post below, especially in light of the recent commits...


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Well, yes actually - it is STOOPID to put more faith in Rivals & Scout than in Jim Harbaugh! 

It's the very definition of dumb, to be honest.

And loving to broadcast your views so proudly, and defensively arguing with anyone who supports the coaching staff's opinion over Wiltfong's - well that's just a very classic version of intransigence.

Especially after the commitments of the previous weekend demonstrate that the staff is more than happy to doggedly pursue players with Starz when those players are viewed as a fit.

Why aren't the Belleville players being pursued more actively? We don't know, but some other really great players are. 

And for Maizen to come on here in August 2017 and state with absolute certainty that the staff is making a mistake in possibly prioritizing a 4* they really like over a 5* they clearly like a little less before they begin their Jr season of HS is... it's... oh let me hit my thesaurus:

Hubris is what it is!!!


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This isn't a mutually exclusive set of circumstances. You can trust Harbaugh and his staff while also trusting recruiting sites. Both are going to be right more often than not but both are also going to make mistakes. If you aren't concerned with losing the #1 player in the state to our biggest rival then more power to you. I happen to be concerned about it.


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I understand you saying they are not mutually exclusive, you just seem to be putting more stock into recruiting analysts and I seem to be putting more stock in our staff, which assuredly has decades more football experience (playing, coaching, recruiting) then the recruiting analysts.

If you want to worry about this, go right ahead


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I'd say in this case it isn't a case of putting more stock in recruiting analysts vs. putting more in our coaches.


It's a case of putting more stock in cour oaches vs. the coaches at Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Ohio State, Penn. State, and Wisconsin.


When a high ranked player has kind of crappy offers (see: Tyrone Sampson) - I generally assume the recruiting rankings are wrong... but when they have offers from a bunch of good schools, it's a different story.


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Look, dude - if for whatever reason Harbaugh doesn't feel the Belleville kids are a good fit for Michigan, they're going to play somewhere!

So if it's not gonna be AA, root for Saban or Dabo to "charm" em with some of that $outhern hospitality...


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The thing is Logan Brown could very easily become the #1 player in the state and Keegan is a top 100 player also, who dwarfs dobbs. I do wish one of the so called insiders could tell what the problem is with Dobbs. Is it just that they like other guys more or is it something else?. Also why are they not after Barnett?. Could Lorenz or someone please tell us what is up with the disconnect with Dobbs. I do like Brown and Keegan though and they both are much taller than Dobbs, but I doubt that is what it is as he could switch to guard. Whatever!!. I am as concerned or curious as anyone why Dobbs is not a priority at least right know.


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What about the Idea that star rankings are important but that it is the final rankings that matter.  2019 is almost two years away......if Dobbs is still a 5 * and the commitments that we end up with are not as highly rated your arguments are valid.