I love the BTN

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There is already a fair amount of complaining about the BTN's "amateurish" production quality, and the game hasn't even started.

Look, they are an infant television network, that has been catapulted into the spotlight because of the high demand for big ten sports.  They'll get better.  So before we spend the whole afternoon bitching about camera work and Chris Martin being the dumbest human being on the planet, take a moment to appreciate:

100% of Michigan football games are televised nationally.

98% of Michigan's basketball games are televised nationally.

In a few years, Big Ten Hockey will exist, and I don't know what % but a hell of a lot more % than now of Michigan hockey games will be televised nationally.

Gerry DiNardo and Howard Griffith are not as bad as everyone says.  (I actually watch the BTN pregame instead of gameday, mostly, because I am much more interested in the Big Ten mathchups than in OMG SEC!!!! CAm Newton!

Close shave, America! Close shave, Barbasol!

We get to see Volleyball sometimes, or Softball, or Baseball, or Field Hockey, or Gymnastics, which like, didn't exist on television.

They show 1000000x replays of every Michigan game.  Also, for whatever person was complaining about how they never show Michigan wins, I think you are thinking of classic.  BTN has shown M beat ND in 2009 approximately 82 bjillion times.

When Dave Revsine says NOOWwww! And everyone's like "wow that's dumb," I'm pretty sure he's being ironic, and I find it funny.  I thought it was dumb the first 88 times, but he's still going strong after saying for every show, all week, for every sport, for 3 years.  That kinda makes it hilarious when you think about it.

The production value will go up.  Keep supporting the network (I watch BTN more than any channel, especially during basketball season).  As they get more experience, and make more money, things will smooth out.  Go compare a BTN broadcast to an ESPN one in its first 3 years of existence, right?

Support the big ten network, it is a good thing.  Quit yer complaining.



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BTN is broadcasting with a young staff without a good deal of experience compared to their competition, but management has recruited well with some stars that will really shine in the next few years. The spread of programming they have makes them a contender and always fun to watch.

Now if they could only get rights to a bowl game or two it would help to give them a little more time to practice up on their production value.


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A "chef" showed us how to make rotel + velveeta. An actual part of the show. Classic BTN.
<br>BTN: putting Rotel and Wolf chili on the national spotlight!


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I had no idea wtf Rotel was before BTN showered us with those commercials over and over again. 

I also agree with giving the BTN time to get their shit together. The announcers are average @ best but at least we don't have to hear a bunch of crap about the SEC. 

Good to see that they gave us a little eye candy. My guess is one day soon she will be too good for the BTN. *Tear*



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they do not prepare well when understanding the facts and they are biased in jabbing teams that are not represented by having members on their panel during shows. I actually watch the BTN a lot during the week but their is no excuse for fudging on facts and making errors like was reported on the previous thread.


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I don't think its unfair for fans to criticize BTN when they pay for the thing out of their cable fees.  But on the whole we're better off with the BTN than without it.  I mean, which would you rather have, a mediocre TV broadcast of UM-Purdue or no TV broadcast of UM-Purdue?


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"She is who she is.  Better than Millen and Andre Ware."

Millen and Ware aside for a moment, Ms. Ward is definitely who she is.  IMO, that's a lousy broadcaster.  Mispronouncing names is one thing (not a huge deal), but she often seems partially to wholly disconnected from the action.  I wonder if she even has a rudimentary grasp of football.  She doesn't bring anything else to the table that would compensate for (again, IMO) her lack of ability.  For example, she doesn't have any appealing (to some, anyway) schticks like Gus Johnson or Bill Raftery.

I don't care whether she'll ever be on the cover of Vogue, and the nasty remarks about her appearance get old, but I really wonder why she has her job.  I'll avoid non-PC speculation.


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I'm in the camp that is just happy to be getting the games.  Yes it is not at the level of a major network but I can ignore the problems.

Also love seeing the other sports...and "Out of the Blue", the Michigan campus show


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has been televised. There was never a game I could not see because of lack
<br>of TV.( since 95' anyway)
<br>That said, I do like the Big Ten network. It is not as bad as people say it is.


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I'm trying to figure out if the BTN has any type of web broadcast (ala ESPN3). 

I think not, as they are trying to encourage the BTN's inclusion in many cable packages, but I'm stuck at work and still holding onto the small hope that I can watch the game online.  If there is one, please pass along the info!

If not, it's the radio broadcast mgoblue.com/allaccess for me, which isn't a bad way to go.

Go Blue!

Michigan Offense

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ESPN/Fox Sports, et al are mostly diluted milquetoast garbage.  It seems as though the WWL's mission is to be the fanboy of whomever is on top at a given moment.  No depth, no detail, no originality=yawn.


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Fox Entertainment Group, owner of the Fox Sports collection of channels, is the 49% minority-owner of the Big Ten Network. They have the tools at their disposal. It's just that they're Fox Sports Net tools. This is what it is and what it's going to be. Watch some Pac-10 games on Fox Sports Net if you want to see for yourself.