I looked on ESPN recruiting to see if they had a Dee Hart update, but saw this instead

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Ohio State lands top junior offensive lineman Jacoby Boren

Keeping with the family tradition of playing for the Buckeyes, Jacoby Boren of Central (Pickerington, Ohio) has committed to Ohio...
I don't why this just irked me some more. And, right now, Jesus is pissing in the Quad...



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Well, it is 10:30.  I have heard no official decommitment from Dee, even though the boards ASPLOADED when rumored he would be gone today.  Still here, so...yeah. 


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Should have took all the coaches, of course all with their coats blazing MICHIGAN FOOTBALL, the cheerleaders,the marching band,lloyd carr,rick leach,the old guy who rips your tickets,and the drunk guy with no shirt and painted face who keeps yelling "thats what i'm talking about, go blue"


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that as well. I may be wrong but didn't his dad play for Bo? If so he is a tool for allowing his sons to go play for the Buckeyes(maybe osu has great family value tho). Family of complete tools!


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But the story goes that 1) Justin didn't like being yelled at by Coach Rod to get to the line during practice and 2) Coach Rod was not ready to immediately honor Llyod's offer to Zach Boren, which is where the family values BS comes in.


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But I heard from a former player that the story about Zach Boren's recruitment is not exactly accurate. Also in all seriousness, would anyone of us mgobloggers allow our children to go to OSU? How does Mike Boren let this happen? Seriously? I would never speak to my child again if he even went on a recruting visit there, unless he was spying for the good guys.


December 4th, 2010 at 1:00 AM ^

In all seriousness I not only would I am "allowing it". I live in Ohio and my youngest son applied to OSU, BG and OU. Of the three OSU has the academics so if he gets accepted he's going.

I would love for him to go blue but he can't get in and I can't afford out of state tuition......sorry


December 3rd, 2010 at 11:11 PM ^

So far Rivals is the only site to have taken Dee off of his verbal commitment with Michigan, and nothing has been said about what he is doing.  I am starting to think that this boad went into a meltdown for nothing.