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It's sometimes easy to say "but if for that one call...", without remembering the times when the shoe's on the other foot.  Brian and many posters here do a great job of being rational and reasonable in the face of arguably classic hose jobs (the lateral, Spartan Bob, Charles White, Carlysle Holiday, Desmond tripped, Henne's TD/fumble, etc.).  What I need right now is perspective.  I'm trying to think about the games when Michigan has been the beneficiary of an egregious call in their favor.  I can come up with Braylon's "catch" and fumble against Washington and it stops there.  The extra seconds agaisnt Penn St. in 2005 seems like good coaching and officiating to me.  There are always the borderline penalties that could go either way that impact games, but I'm looking for the no-doubters, we got away with one.

Thanks in advance to all for the perspective.



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Replays showed that Anthony Thomas fumbled the ball after a 17 yard run.  Michigan wound up winning 35-31.  I remember thanking my lucky stars that we caught that break. 

Sir Guy

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Okay, back to sanity.  Those were two really bad calls.  One each way.  I've never been a fan of "make up" calls because I like to think that when a ref makes a call, he knows he's right.  

But I would never sign up to be a ref.  Too difficult.  I respect the guys in stripes.


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A-train non-fumble plus the Illinois called fumble; Illinois fans hold a huge grudge from that game.  "It was the most important game ever, night game, everyone was into it, we were on the cusp of becoming a major program and the refs stole if from us, etc."  I've heard it all.  That was their Desmond trip game:


And if you mention toe-then-heel to any Penn State fan, they break out in hives.  This play:


Braylon catch + fumble against Washington




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It is hard to come so close to having things "go your way" and then having the rug pulled out from underneath you.  Michigan football fans have had this happen to them many times in the last 4 years, the last two weekend (MSU stuff included) probably the most painful example.  I have not yet stopped envisioning alternate scenarios for the 4th and 1 play against MSU, and have 3 or 4 different alternate endings of that game in mind frequently.  The "alternate endings" have now become of the MSU game and Wisconsin winning it in overtime, etc.

Keep in mind, things are not nearly as bad for M as one would think or feel right now.  The bye week came at a good time for team, but a really shitty time for the fan.  We badly needed to see Denard carving up the Boilermakers this week to give our collective mind some new material, instead we got a steaming pile of Sparty love.  After all is said and done, M IS 6-1, with in my mind, 5 (maybe 4) very winnable games remaining.  State has a lot of time to go SOS, and M can still make themselves BCS relevant even if they don't play in the Big Ten title game (perhaps only if they don't play in the Big Ten title game, ironically).

6-1, about to be 7-1.  The "alternate endings" won't go away until this Saturday, but they will go away. 

BOOM, perspective.