I'm pretty confident that we'll beat Notre Dame by 21+

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So for some reason I've been up since 6:30AM on a Sunday, which is the earliest I've woken up in about 6 months. Because it's a really boring time of year in general, I decided to kill time by doing a bit of research on our first opponent of the year.

Their QB looks shaky as hell, and he might not even be the starter in two weeks. They lost their two best OL to the NFL, and have a very young and inexperienced group. They lost their DC. Their RB went to the NFL, and is being replaced by "RB by committee" of two guys who were both injured most of last year(and one of those guys will likely miss our game for disciplinary reasons).

The only thing that is moderately scary about this game is that it's on the road at night, but with the exception of Hoke's blowout game before getting fired, we always seem to play pretty well at Notre Dame. Personally, I'm thinking a 21+ win is in order here. The type of game where Michigan controls from start to finish, and the game is never really in doubt after Q1. 




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Btw, have a question for you and the board.  Has Michigan ever won by 21 or more, on the road, in a night game against a ranked opponent?


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This is a strange argument.  Michigan's never beaten a Notre Dame team with a player named Brandon Wimbush as its quarterback.  So, if you predict a win on Sept 2, then you "predict something that's never happened in the 150 billion years of Michigan football" and so "the odds of it happening are sure stacked against you no?"

Whether or not something has ever happened isn't, by itself, a good argument about it happening in the future.


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Look at that beautiful run blocking, and solid QB protection. Haven't seen a Michigan offensive line play with that level of competence in almost two decades. Before the rich rod years, that was a given a Michigan. 

Mike Damone

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Fuckin A Right!

Love your attitude and memory, love the OP for his early Sunday epiphany, and love the fact we are less than 3 weeks from stomping the hapless Irish and Plumb Face in front of their asswipe fans under the lights, w Touchdown Jesus frowning in the distance.

To hell w Notre Dame - and Go Blue!!!

Bo Lytle

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Win The Fucking Game. Road victory against a rival at night for the opener and everyone’s mindset in Michigan’s locker room goes from “we might be real good” to “we won’t lose”.  Football is a mental game as much it is physical. Emotion and momentum turn athletes into champions. Defense is going to need to give Shea and the offense a Week 1 break on the road with a drunk ass crowd.

That said...21+!

Newton Gimmick

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I agree with the last sentiment of course, but ...

Go back one year earlier and OSU won 45-24 in Norman against a ranked OU team.  That was the game with the crazy Noah Brown catch.

The 1995 Colorado Buffaloes won two such games:

43-7 in Madison vs a #21 ranked Wisconsin, and 38-17 vs a (Howard Schnellenberger-led) #10 Oklahoma team in Norman a few weeks later.  Neither of those teams finished with a winning record, so their rankings were inflated.

Newton Gimmick

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Here is the complete list of College GameDay games held at night (6 pm local start or later) where the road team won by 21+ points and the losing team was ranked at the time.  (Though only two of these were upsets, ranking-wise.)

Ghost of Fritz…

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The '97 team crushed highly ranked Penn State on the road.  Was an afternoon game though.  Did the Big Ten even do night games in the 90s? 

Closest thing I can think of.

That game was the game that got people around the nation to realize the Michigan was for real in '97.  Penn State was ranked no. 2 going into that game.

The Fan in Fargo

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