Hypothetical ideal OC candidates?

Submitted by corundum on November 9th, 2013 at 7:27 PM

Not saying that Borges will be fired, but who are your ideal candidates if it were to happen? If this post is too close to a snowflake thread, feel free to delete.



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See that's the thing with myself. I want him gone, but don't know who to get. I'd honestly like to run a hybrid offense like Nebraska, although we'll only have DG for one more year.

I have no clue who we would get, but it has to be better than this. I have no words anymore, man.


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The argument from some Borges supporters (and I'm not saying you are saying this) is "well, who would you hire?"

It really is an incredibly stupid argument to suggest that there is no one that Michigan could possibly hire that would be better.  Somewhere is the next Chip Kelly at New Hampshire, or Rich Rod at Tulane, or Malzahn or Briles at a freaking high school. 

And i'm not even remotely suggesting that you have to hit on the next great innovator like those guys.  But there are tens, if not hundreds, of coaches capable of running a not-extreme-spread offense that are great candidates.  Oregon State? San Jose State?  Bowling Green? NFL position coaches?  

I don't even know, but just because the average fan can't name the person doesn't mean that there aren't highly thought-of offensive minds that are eager to get a chance to prove themselves at a high profile position like Michigan.


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Why the fuck did you just go off on me? I just said not sure who we would get, as I was answering the question in the OP but want Borges gone along with saying whoever we would get would be better than this. Chill the fuck out.


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Charlie Taaffe UCF
Able to develop QBs, with 2 available at all times, so no unprepared Bellomy 2012

I hope they get Adrian Klemm from UCLA for OLine too


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Watching Stanford beat up Oregon or Alabama against anyone and it is obvious that the pro style is still more than effective.  Stanford has good recruits, but no better than the guys Michigan has been getting, no reason this style of offense won't work.  In fact, most would argue its really the best way to a national championship. 

I have been a somewhat defender of Borges, but the offense has gotten worse as the season goes on, that is unexcuseable. 

I do have to also wonder how much of this is strength and conditioning too.  You watch those guys get absolutely blown off the line and that is some technique but some strength and conditioning as well.  In some ways the team reminds me of the 2005 team, which is well known to have suffered from a very inferior strength and conditioning program.

Naked Bootlegger

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Ideal candidate:  6'4", rocket arm, rugged good looks, and the ability to call a game that produces positive rushing yards against stunningly bad defenses.   No visors allowed, though.  I hate visors.