Hypocritical Buckeyes?

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Found this interesting from the Big Ten Blog. I remember Zach Boren was upset at our post-game grenade celebration. Then I was reading the ESPN Big Ten Blog's mailbag and apparently we have some hypocritical buckys.


Jeff from Harleysville, Pa., writes: Brian, I enjoyed Michigan's "grenade" celebration after finishing a strong season by breaking the streak against OSU. Can we expect any special celebrations from you after your fantasy and picks domination over Adam? 

Brian Bennett: I found Ohio State's objection to that celebration amusing, since I saw the Buckeyes do that exact same routine late in one of their August practices. I can't pull that off by myself but I am working on my own victory dance for this weekend in Indianapolis. If you're there on Friday night, be on the lookout. 





Blue in Yarmouth

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As for Zach having an affair with a pre-op transexual....seems plausible to me


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so does that mean you agree, or disagree, with the rumor that ZACH BOREN IS HAVING A LOVE AFFAIR WITH A PRE-OP

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ND Sux

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Has anyone else noticed that Zach Boren butts himself in on the officials when they're discussing a call?  All the other players keep a respectable distance, but self-important Zach just walks right up to the officials like he's part of the discussion.  I've seen him do this several times this year, including the game in the Big House.  Why do the refs tolerate the whiny, self-absorbed hairless nut? 

Section 1

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They'd say, "It's fine -- and fun -- for a team practice.  It is not fine, and a minor insult, to do it at the moment two opposing teams are approaching each other to shake hands at the end of the game."

That would be my own impression as well.

I don't get the feeling that it was aimed as a particular insult at OSU.  But I thought it very bad form that some of our guys did it, and then ran off to the student section without shaking hands.  Not all of them did that.  Lots of our guys stayed to shake hands.  So I don't think it is a big deal.  I also don't think that there's any Buckeye hypocrisy, either.

I'm not going to lose too much sleep over it.  Ohio State is the team that tore down the M Club banner.  '73 I think.


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no hot water or no electricity at the hotel in Columbus, too?

At first, I thought it was unsportsmanlike not to shake hands after the game with your opponent. 

Then I heard all of the whining and tweeting from the Buckeyes.

Now I think it should be a tradition with Ohio.  I'd also release the hounds if they didn't clear the field quickly enough. 


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Unforunately all humans, not just buckeyes, have the ability to rationalize their own behavior while remaining critical of others. Simply compare Saban's comments re Michigan-OSU II in 2006 to his feelings on an Alabama-LSU rematch this year for an excellent example.


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What do Mike Boren's former teammates at Michigan, under Bo ... think of that douchebag?  Seriously has anyone heard any stories?  Is that jackass who raised disrespectful Buckeye sons allowed to attend events with his former Wolverine teammates? 


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Apropos of nothing, I did some quick searching and this is the Boren's plow and lawncare business:


I'm not going to try and organize an area-wide boycott of their business, but for our part, I would strongly suggest NOT giving Mike Boren and his family any of your money, and if you do use a company to take care of your lawn, please use another company.


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Exactly - all else being equal, I'd rather give my money to a business owner I respect as a person.  I don't even use a lawn care service myself, but it's a matter of principle.

And it's beyond a Michigan/OSU thing - if, say, Jake Stoneburner's parents owned a coffee shop that I liked, I'd have zero problem going there.  Given the classless manner in which the entire Boren family saw fit to take a crap over my school, why would I give them my money as a customer? 

On the extremely slim chance that there's an MGo poster reading this who has hired the Borens to plow their driveways, I have no problem with that.  After all, Zach is gonna have to eke out a living somehow to pay for his tattoos.  But I hope you'll appreciate why I think there are valid reasons for us to take our business elsewhere, if it came to it.