Hutchinson, Law just miss HOF class this year

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Steve Hutchinson and Ty Law were among the 10 finalists for the NFL Hall of Fame, but neither was in the final five.  Ray Lewis, Randy Moss and Brian Urlacher were all first-year finalists and basically shoe-ins.  T.O. and Brian Dawkins were the other two elected.

General writeup on this year's class, and mention of those in the final 10:…



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Anybody see the interview this week by Barstool? Pat McAfee (former Colts Punter) interviewed the linebacker (something Jackson) who intercepted the deflategate ball. The story was that he felt the difference in air pressure and that sparked the whole thing. Jackson said he did no such thing, and only took the ball to put on his mantle bc he picked TB12. He also said he never even got interviewed or questioned in the whole process. Long story short, 2 former Colts say it was bullshit -- including the guy that allegedly sparked the whole investigation. All lies.


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I've heard him referred to as the greatest guard of all time, or at least the greatest guard of his decade. He should have been a first ballot hall of famer. Admittedly, I am a tad biased.


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I really hope stuff like PFF grades (or other numerical assessments) change the way we view offensive linemen. There is so much more information available now to fans that understanding what the OL does and who is good at it is much easier. People who follow Chris "Smart Football" Brown will see him occasionally retweet stuff that does a good job highlighting quality OL play.

But the numberical stuff is really good, and it helps people who aren't instinctively good at watching linemen understand who is good, who is not, and who sustains that greatness over time. 

I hope we get there. 


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Hutchinson needs some help and should pad his resume' for the HOF by coming back to Ann Arbor and showing the voters how good he really is by teaching Michigan's offensive line his skills. Sounds fair right? That or Everett...or hey, both! each were studs, why not.


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Ed Reed and Tony Gonzalez will be first ballot locks and Champ Bailey might be, too. Think Hutch gets in first with Ty not far behind.

Ridiculous for T.O. to get left out the last few years because he, uh.. did sit-ups in his driveway one time? 


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Not condoning the slur but it's absurd to punish his behavior when the HOF hasn't previously cared about domestic violence, drug abuse, or being tied to murders.

T.O. didn't even eat pizza while he was in the NFL. Dude torched my Giants so I have no love for him but the holier-than-thou sportswriter voters have an indefensible double standard.


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The pro football HOF has a pretty firm longstanding policy that off-field stuff is irrelevant to Hall admission. NFL propogandist Peter King has been pretty vocal about this for years (decades?). 

And, so long as that policy is held consistently, there's some sense to it, because it can be hard to evaluate which off-field stuff deserves to be excluded and which doesn't. And unless OJ is expelled, how do you keep out someone with a less clear case against him?

As repulsive as I find stuff like that, I actually appreciate a HOF committee that doesn't pretend to be a moral arbiter. I think it keeps things cleaner and free from subjective controversies like we see in baseball.


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As a lawyer, I sort of shake my head when someone says "you should be in prison for murder" when the judicial system said, "Nuh uh."  Awefully easy of you to convict without knowing all the facts.

The other thing that HAS to be said about Ray, and which you are 100% ignoring, is that... Ray completely changed as a human being as a result of that.  Never once afterwards did he have any off-field issues.  Became a quiet leader in the Baltimore community w/ kids' projects.  Was the unquestioned leader of his locker room -- and guys like Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome will be the first to tell you that.  He completely understood his role as the face of the Ravens, if not the NFL, and lived up to it.

So while you want to pretend you know Ray so well that you can castigate him for those unproven issues early in his career, the remnants of coming out of Thug U, I suggest you take a more wholistic approach and look at Ray as others saw him, the men who worked side by side with him for years.  Apparently, though, you know more about him than Jim Harbaugh's brother.

Here is my Ray Lewis anecdote that is the man he became.  I took my son to a Ravens two-a-day, the afternoon session, about 7 years ago or so. After the practice, as the team filed into the locker rooms, some players lingered behind to work the lines of fans giving autographs (there was one line for kids, and another for adults).  Ray, however, ran into the locker room by himself while his teammates did autographs.  Then... after the entire team went into the locker room, Ray came back OUT, by himself, and worked both lines, giving everyone an autograph who wanted one -- took him 45 minutes, in the heat after the second of a two-a-day.  Entire time laughing up with fans and interacting as he signed.  That is the 'face of the franchise,' he GOT it.

So if you think you know him well enough to say he's a murderer... fine.  Awfully easy to be so confident.


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I don't know Ray Lewis from a hole in the wall - and never claimed to.  I do know he was a helluva football player.  I also know the facts/circumstances around the death of two men after a SB party by the hands of his 'possee'.  So yes, I feel confident enough saying he should be in prison.

If I murder someone, or am directly involved in a murder (as an accomplice, ring leader, cover-up guy, whatever), but then lead a great life - should I be absolved of that murder?  No.  And I don't give a rats ass that he's 'born again'.  Whatever.  His money and status as a football player kept him out of prison.  Nothing else.

You can celebrate his life, I'm not going to.  Nor will the families of two invisible men...


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You all are arguing different things. TO had to wait because he was a shitty teammate at times. That should always factor into the hall vote.

Now, if we want to argue for shitty humans (before or after) that is a whole other debate.


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nothing against Ty Law, and not even saying you are wrong, but I would have to argue in defense of Woodson being the best corner in Michigan history. yeah he did a lot of other stuff too, but he came up clutch in run support, pass coverage, interceptions, all of it. Especially if you consider it was no secret how good he was and teams specifically schemed away from him as much as possible. 

I coached against him in his high school days at Fremont Ross from A)intercepting it, B)Killing a receiver and recovering the ball, or C)killing anyone we gave the ball. He scored 7 times anyways. Dude was unreal.


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Next year is a relatively weak class with only Ed Reed and Tony Gonzalez as 1st ballot locks. They'll have a better chance next year. This year was a really strong class.

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For them to get in this year. Ty was fantastic but recency bias certainly plays a factor, and unfortunately for him his last real impact season was his first year with the Jets which was 2005. Granted, being the best CB on the 3 time champion Patriots will help his case, I think it may take a couple years. Hutch is an absolute lock, one of the best interior lineman in NFL history but interior lineman isn't the sexiest position, so he may have to wait a little while as well. I think they nailed it with this year's class. Seeing Moss and Owens go in together will be awesome. Urlacher, B-Dawk and Lewis also all deserving.