Hurst Signs Rookie Deal With Raiders

Submitted by Mercury Hayes on May 16th, 2018 at 4:39 PM

Maurice Hurst signed his rookie deal with the Raiders today. The deal is for 4 years with total contract value of $2.7 million and average yearly contract value of $695k. He's gets $480k gauranteed this year and his salary is gauranteed each year throughout his contract if he were to get cut.

Not as big of a contract as he was hoping for I'm sure - but after where he was drafted it was essentially all but certain to be a small deal.

Hopefully he stays healthy and wrecks opponents enough to get a restructure or makes another team pay a lot of coin in 2022.



May 16th, 2018 at 4:50 PM ^

But, to get almost $770k per year as your first job out of college isn't too shabby.  He's well on his way to working 10-12 years as a professional athlete and retiring wealthy and able to enjoy the rest of his life spending his time how he pleases without the worry of money.  Not a bad way to go.  I'm sure his second contract will be worth much more.  I'm just happy the kid got a chance.  He seems like a great dude and did much for UM and our fans.  Good luck Mo!


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the fact that he gets guarateed money even if he is cut is huge.  It sounds like even if they determine he can't go on playing, he will still bank a million+.  Not the huge 1st or 2nd round money he deserved, but he can play himself into that money if his health allows it. 

Really pulling for him. 


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That's a good contract.  The Raiders know they got a steal and Hurst should be happy with the guaranteed piece.  Good deal for everyone.  


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Agree with a lot of other MGoPosters here, good for him to have guaranteed money. If his health concerns end up being real he still gets some good $


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As a Raiders fan I was thrilled when we drafted Woodson. I must admit Hurst is no Woodson, but I’m very happy to have him on the team.


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Always loved watching him work and based on the Amazon series, seemed like such a good kid with his head on right.  Can't wait to see him tear it up in the NFL.



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Glad to see Mo is going to get some pretty decent guaranteed money out of this debacle....hopefully, he has a good financial analyst that can help him to invest that signing bonus wisely...

seriously hoping he doesn't miss a beat in the NFL and makes all those GMs that passed on him look like the fools they are.


May 16th, 2018 at 7:48 PM ^

But it’s baffling how every team passed and he just played 4 full years for us w no issue and not a peep about the so called situation. This cost him $10 million plus

Dorothy_ Mantooth

May 16th, 2018 at 9:34 PM ^

at how low many NFL players are paid in light of the short shelf life of the average NFL player - and how owners can cut contracted players

i understand the bigger rosters (NFL) and 162 games vs 16, but the fact that MLB players all get guaranteed dollars/contracts, i could never understand why NFL Players Association couldn't have done better for their players

Perkis-Size Me

May 16th, 2018 at 10:14 PM ^

It’s all about getting to that second contract in the NFL these days. If he proves his worth and (god willing) can stay healthy, he’ll get some serious money in 3-4 years.

Either way, half a million a year guaranteed is pretty damn good all on its own.

Avon Barksdale

May 17th, 2018 at 7:20 AM ^

We sure this is guaranteed money? The way I understand is that rounds 1-4 are guaranteed but 5-7 are not? I remember that being a thing when we were concerned about Willie Henry slipping out of the 4th round.


May 17th, 2018 at 9:46 AM ^

Sadly only $200k above minimum salary. He’s worth so much more. Hope there’s a clause that allows restructuring early if he makes pro bowl or something

Ali G Bomaye

May 17th, 2018 at 2:01 PM ^

Under the NFL CBA, rookies can't renegotiate their contract or sign an extension until after their 3rd year. The nice part about Hurst being drafted outside the first round is that the Raiders don't have a fifth-year option on his contract, so if he blows up like we know he can, he'll hit unrestricted free agency a year earlier.