Huge Is Such A Tool

Submitted by Louie C on April 26th, 2010 at 4:00 PM

I know, I know. What in the hell was I doing listening to him? You all are probably asking. I was on my way to pick up the boy from school, and Sirius was acting up, and GR radio sucks balls, so decided to see what the blow hard was spouting off today; especially in light of the Red Wings loss yesterday. He was talking about the local players that got drafted, or signed with teams when he mentioned Zoltan. He said that Zoltan being the 2nd highest drafted Wolverine was "something out of the Lions". Does that prick even know that this is a fairly young team that had only a handful of seniors on it? I don't know if it's just me, but I thought that was a douche move on his part.



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I have no clue how he got syndicated and who the heck would even pick him up; WTKA carried him for about a year and they determined it would be less costly to employ their own radio host than play a show that no one would listen to. Yeah. He's a tool.

His Dudeness

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He has a "huge," pompous voice that projects very, very well. He states his opinions with the conviction of a televangelist. And he is very good at "stirring the pot." Combine that with an IQ of about 80 and you have a "huge" success.


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As much as Michigan has struggled over the last two years, if the Lions had a similar record, it would have to be considered The Golden Age by recent Lions standards, no?


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was second in NFL players drafted to the SEC. Michigan had their fair share...more so than any other team in the conference on what was described to be a down year for us. Let's look forward folks. Perhaps he is called HUGE not for his knowledge but because of his ego or girth.


April 26th, 2010 at 5:18 PM ^

He allows himself to be influenced by stat lines and highlighted details. Doesn't he have interns working for him that can remind him that there weren't all that many guys who were draft eligible?

OSU only had 4 drafted, three of which went after Mesko. Is OSU akin to the Browns?

How about MSU, the only Big Ten team with no players drafted? Was that discussed? What did he compare that to?


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Is he still on the air? Man, I haven't been in the state for a couple of years, but I always figured that he was going to be taken off the air any day. He never struck me as a particularly intelligent sports analyst, and his "Huge" opinions struck me as shallow and pandering.

The Shredder

April 27th, 2010 at 12:37 AM ^

He has a rep for going into places and saying "Dont you know who I am?" and trying to get free shit. Yeah he's an idiot. But it is fun to do his voice. The Huuugeee Show across West Michigan!!!!!11