HTTV Kickstarter: NOW you oughtta have it, or else.

Submitted by Seth on August 15th, 2013 at 2:55 PM

After painstakingly going through and sending hundreds of emails I believe I have now communicated with or provided a book to everyone who backed us on the Kickstarter.

If you a.) Backed us on kickstarter, b.) don't have your stuff yet, and c.) haven't heard from me recently, you should:

  1. Check which country you live in. Look at the ground beneath your feet. Does it exude the sweet air of freedom mixed with hotdogs and beer?
    Most common error: A lot of international orders get backed up in customs and stay there for days. Apparently our information is so good other countries don't want you to have it!
    Solution: We have all of these orders tracked so if you're international AND remember sending us your address already, email me and we'll figure out where yours is. Of those we've looked at so far most are due to arrive in 1-3 days from today.
  2. Go back to the kickstarter and find your order: 
    Most common error: started to buy and then didn't, or credit card expired before we charged it.
    Solution: Buy the book now.
  3. Check ALL the email addresses you use. You're looking for a prolific deluge of "WHERE ARE YOU HOW CAN I GET YOUR STUFF TO YOU?" emails from Kickstarter and myself going back to June. Trying to log into kickstarter is a good way to figure out which email you used.
    Most common error: "Oh, I used my spam email address." Or even "I created a new gmail account that is like [email protected]"
    Solution: check it and respond.
  4. Check if you moved recently. You know what's slower than 3rd class mail? 3rd class mail that needs to be forwarded to a new address. If you were a just-a-book or just-both-books order and didn't spring for rush shipment your book went 3rd class batch and we have no way of tracking your order, but if you were in any higher tier we can.
    Most common error: "I only ordered a book but moved and gave you my old address."
    Solution: Email me and we'll see if we can help you out. If you have a hoops book coming in October you can give me your new address now, or we'll email you eventually to confirm your address for that.
  5. Check your t-shirt order. If you ordered something that isn't currently in the MGoStore, e.g. the photobomb shirt, that means we had to reprint it, and your order may have moved to the back of the line so we could process more orders faster.
    Most common error: You requested last year's HTTV shirt with the Brian photobomb. You may even know Brian personally, in which case he probably requested an opportunity to talk you out of that shirt. You should call him and see what you can get out of this.
    Solution: Wait another couple of days. The last of these went out Aug. 8.

Books are still on sale, and The Draftstreet Deal is still going. Also let me know if your book came damaged because we bought the insurance for that.



August 15th, 2013 at 4:02 PM ^

So, I'm moving soon.  When the Basketball/Hockey books do go out, how would I change my address?  Should I change my address?  Should I assume USPS will forward on package type materials to my new address if I do automatic forwarding.