how would you like OSU/CoFoPo previewed?

Submitted by tasnyder01 on October 25th, 2016 at 9:59 PM
Now's around the time that people look ahead to challenging games. We've beaten every team by plenty (their worst loss) and we don't assume a loss (see the graphs in the diaries). So we look forward to the ultimate goal: Championship. Lets assume we go undefeated and #2. I assume we play Clemson, then Bama. And I'm willing to watch a few games and do some UFRS. I will not be as good as the experts; I want to make sure I've got the right teams. Crowdsourcing seems smart among educated fans. Whom do you suggest be scouted? OSU can be an obvious suggestion. Two games/team is likely the max -- do you think LSU vs. bama is a better scouting match, or Ole Miss? I doubt ill be as good as the guys who run the blog--i won't. But i think itd be good content for the reader, and better than reviewing MFC for me. What have you?



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As a fan base, we've forgotten what winning consistently and convincingly looks like. The team is playing with confidence and expects to win each week. We fans should too. I vote we throw caution to the win, stop saying what's politically correct, and begin doing what Harbaugh would do if he was a fan of his own team celebrating with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. Just win? Yes. But expect to be great. Expect to win. Expect to be champions. First the B1G, then the CFP. Anything less, and we disrespect what Jim has endeavored to build (or restore). Go Blue!


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"We" can't beat MSU because "we" don't play them. The team does.  They need to keep their focus.  We don't.  We can worry about multiple teams all at the same time, if we please, and it affects nothing.

Go Blue, and Go MGoBlog!


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1) This is Brian's site, not ours. He'll preview as he sees fit. I am pretty sure there's a plan in place to prepare previews ahead of time as the case may be. They've got a month between the Big Ten Championship and the playoff, if it even comes to that. 


2) I do not trust any of us to UFR accurately relative to his system, I'd rather let the expert take care of that.


3) While I hate to be the myopic "don't look ahead", don't look that far ahead. OSU wasn't supposed to lose to PSU either. Let's enjoy the ride, guys. 


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Love it when guys who don't own the site, get all proprietary about the site. Newsflash, this site doesn't exist without the viewers, posters and contributors so, in the immortal words of les Grossman, take a step back and literally... And Brian is hardly a professional football analyst.


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So it's not good to respect the ownership others? I would imagine that's exactly what someone should do if we don't own the property.


Yes but if one of us were to do a UFR it would almost invariably come out differently due to the subjective nature of Brian's analysis, rendering it far less useful than anything he would come up with. A weakness of the system for sure, but it's the one we've got. 


Yes, this site doesn't exist without the viewers, posters, and contributors. However, I fail to see how that is relevant in this case. I was just saying not to put the cart before the horse and that the idea of doing pre-emptive UFRs and previews from the peanut gallery was less than useful... for me, as a viewer, poster, and MGoBoard contributor. :)


By the way, why do you have to be so rude about it? 


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So what if this guy has an interest in scouting and doing UFRs. He can do what he wants and create his own little post like he did here. It's not harming anyone. Gosh everyone on here always thinks they know what's best for everyone. No one is allowed to look ahead. Focus all attention on the next game! Get over yourselves


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I think this is a great idea and appreciate you taking the time to do some analysis. I think Bama Lsu would be the most interesting but it is getting the cart way before the horse. What about Nebraska since we may face them in the Big 10 champ game?

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I think we all think your UFRs were a nice idea. But not pointing any fingers, they can be done better. So I say lets beat MSU, OSU and win the B1G and let the guys do the UFRs right? And then we'll go full regalia!