How we know Michigan football is back...Complaining when we don't dominate enough

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I'm not going to call anyone out by name or turn this in to a panic/anger vs. celebration thread for respective posters (Like the panic/dont panic thread)

Instead, I just want to point out how far we have come under Harbaugh in just his second year as coach.  No, we aren't a Bama level program yet, but with an 8-0 start, and improving QB, a solid to great defense (let's debate at the end of the year), and a probable top 3-5 recruiting class coming in again to mesh with our young guys receiveing a lot of playing time, everything is looking up.

How as UM fans do we know it's good?...Many are complaining and debating about whether or not this is an historically elite defense or just an extremely good one. Many are upset that despite being in complete control of a rival on the road (30-10), we didn't totally blow them out by 21+ and shut down their offense to under total 200 yards like many prior opponents.

These are once again first world problems as we are searching for issues and weaknesses on this team and how we will match up with OSU and potentially Alabama or Clemson.  

Bitching about a 2 score win (until the final second) and a 9 point win that was never that close against Sparty playing their annual Super Bowl against us at home (no matter how shitty they have been this year) proves that we are once the Michigan we know, Leaders and Best.

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He said:

So what? A team has an underwhelming, single digit win against a rival that has had their number in recent years. A team is pretty dominant for most of the game but their opponent scores a bunch late to make the score look close. Still, that team is undefeated and their path is clear to the College Football Playoff. And they have wins over 2 Top-25 ranked teams as of Week 9.

Oh yeah, that team is Alabama and that opponent is Ole Miss.

Stop complaining we weren't dominant enough. We dominated that game just as we dominated the Wisco game. There was no point in the 2nd half where we were in serious danger of losing. And there is NO college football team, not even Bama, that has looked invincible. Our best wins are quite arguably better than their best wins (a 39-point blowout against what will be a Top-20 PSU team, a 17-point blowout over what will be a Top-20 CU team, and a gritty, statistically dominant win against a Top-10 Wisco team vs. a 39-point blowout against what will be an unranked Tennessee team, a solid home win over a Top-10 TA&M team, and a 46-point blowout against what will likely be a #20-#25 ranked USC team). This is a special, special year. Enjoy it.



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we ran that 2 back. it was oa great way to end the game. Dantonio wanted to go for two (in my mind for a moral victory) and that was the perfect scenario to make sure no pride was given. lol I'm drunk screw it. love that ending.


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Spoiler: Next year will be uneven. There will probably be a flukey loss and a surprising win, and some close games. The team will be extraordinarily young in every position except, possibly, quarterback. The Florida game will be tough, and OSU will be a monster, and games like MSU will be real challenges.

I still think it will be a blast. Doing well this year is soooo crucial to widening that recruiting pipeline, showing that this is a place that recruits will win big.

San Diego Mick

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but remember that Harbaugh has played a lot of true freshman with that in mind.

Look at all the young studs that have gotten a LOT of playing time, they will be sophomores next year and they are big time players.

We will also have a seasoned QB next year, that always helps, a 10 or 11 win season or maybe better is not out of the question, we always beat Florida and I like our coach better than their's.


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How about we get through 2016 before we start 2017 speculation?  We have MSU and OSU at home, right?  We have an actual experienced QB who will be in his 3rd year in Harbaugh's system, right?  We'll have a younger team with a lot of talent.  Ought to be fun watching how fast they can grow up.  We'll cover that next off season.


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Your comment is pretty dumb. What the hell do they need to do to be back? Go 9-3 to 11-1 every year, losing to some overmatched team they had no business losing to, before getting beat in a bowl game? Teams are once again intimidated by Michigan, opposing fans are chalking it up as a loss and our fans are back to being concerned about everything that isn't perfection.

Michigan is back to being Michigan and so far it's a far superior version.


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This. We only made it out of October with less than 2 losses three times under Carr. Feels good to be in national title hunt.

And anybody pissed that we didn't win by more shouldn't be allowed to go to or watch any more games this year. We were expected to be blown out by OSU in 2013 and 2014 and it happened neither time.

Wolverine Devotee

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Not him, but people saying "we're back" in 2016.

We've been here the minute Harbaugh signed on the dotted line to coach here.

Sure 2015 wasn't a championship season, but it was fantastic for a first season considering what things were the year prior. That's coaching, something we hadn't had for over a decade.

That was my point of that entire post. I can see how it was taken differently, though.