How to watch the NCAA hockey final outside the US?

Submitted by dnak438 on April 8th, 2011 at 10:17 AM

I live in Toronto and surprisingly the local sports stations aren't showing the NCAA Hockey Final on Saturday.  ESPN3 won't work outside the US, either.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the game?  I know there are MGoBloggers in Ontario and elsewhere who must be facing the same problem that I am -- any suggestions?



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Get Remote Access to


In order to access, you must receive your Internet service or, in some instances, your television service through one of the providers listed below. In addition, viewers on U.S. college campuses and military bases are always able to access

Your current network falls outside of these categories. Please select your provider from the list. If you can't find your provider, select "Not Found" at the bottom.


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I am living in Spain and I am hoping that the ESPN link at ATDHE will be showing the game. That's how I watched a couple of our bball games that were shown on ESPN this year. Keep your fingers crossed...

oriental andrew

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My question is similar.  How would I watch a REPLAY of the game outside the US?  I'll be on a flight to Germany tomorrow evening during the game and won't be coming back until next Friday.  Any ideas?  


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If you have a friend in the US, you could try remotely connecting to his/her computer and using that as sort of a proxy by which to use ESPN3. Since I'm in Sweden, I log into the server back at my US employer in Pittsburgh, and ESPN3 then thinks I'm in the US.

Of course, you might need a friend who doesn't need their computer at that time and trusts you enough to not steal any personal information...


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Some sites like ESPN3 (and really all of ESPN) seem to fade in and out if it's during a time when people are at work. Others like YouTube are always blocked. But luckily the games come late enough that the server demand is really low, thus my streaming doesn't cause IT to get pissed and send me threatening emails. During some sports events (World Cup, Olympics) they block most sports sites to prevent streaming,