How solid (or not) is Sparty's QB depth right now?

Submitted by Fieldy'sNuts on October 18th, 2018 at 1:09 PM

I think most of us would be reasonably comfortable if McCaffrey had to enter the game if Shea had to come out for whatever reason.

But what about Sparty? I looked and no QB besides Lewerke has even attempted a pass this year. Their depth chart shows guys named Rocky Lombardi (RS-FR) and Theo Day (FR) as the second and third string QBs, respectively.

Aside from those both sounding like completely made up names, do we have any impressions of how effective either of these guys would be if they had to come into the game in place of Lewerke? As a reminder, MSU played three different QBs when we last played them in East Lansing. 



October 18th, 2018 at 1:23 PM ^

watched lombardi in spring.  he actually looks like he has a decent arm. not sure how his mobility is which the biggest question if the line giving up pressure.

lewerke is a good quarterback, but the line and playing with 6th string WRs will make anyone look human


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Very much this. Not to mention the other side of the ball was giving that offense a LOT of support in those years.

Cook had a knack for making plays, but he had poor form in the pocket, was prone to throwing up prayers when facing pressure, and was inexplicably very inaccurate on short throws. He was a gunslinger without solid fundamentals and an excellent supporting cast that bailed him out on many occasions. He was also good with his legs.

He was a good college quarterback, but the team around him definitely upped his game quite a bit. He never had the chops to stand up against consistent NFL talent.


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I see people saying this but he had a declining completion percentage each year and every game seemed to have four or five bad throws into coverage that he was lucky weren't picked. Lewerke has some of the same shaky decision making but can also run and has a higher completion percentage with worse receivers. 


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Just for saying lewerke is not very good he will probably carve M up now, hes a good runner and a decent passer, M needs to keep him between the tackles, winovich and paye need to not rush up field to far and I think need bush and Hudson to qb spy, states most effective offense, which was pointed out in ffff, is qb runs and qb scrambles


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I wouldn't take Lewerke over any of our current QB, but he is more than good enough to beat us.  He's the reason they beat us last year with his dual threat ability. 

MSU is in a tough spot.  They need his legs to beat us, but our D might break his leg again and send them to the Quick Lane Bowl for the holidays.