How Outrageous Sports Illustrated: Sparty on the Cover

Submitted by MGoUberBlue on March 9th, 2018 at 6:38 PM

Cover of this week's SI.."March Madness '18"

"Who's Got Next?"

Sparty No. 2 on the cover......"Jaren Jackson Jr.....Michigan State's Two-Way Monster"





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Seriously, how often do we cross wires on email or whatever because one letter is off? I said that because so many others bash WD for no reason. I appreciate you saying that isn’t what you were doing.

rob f

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#99 Asshole instead of "99 apples"?

You've likely already been previously banned as Asshole #1 thru Asshole#98 under other MGoUserNames, seeing that you joined immediately after numerous trolls and other idiots were banned a few weeks ago. And obviously you're not Maizen, who is way too intelligent to post juvenile sh** like what you did.

I don't have any doubt that WD chuckled at my post kidding him about his Sports Illustrated comment. He's fine with me, we've conversed on the board and by Twitter numerous times. Why don't you ask him rather than jump my shit?


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and exactly when I canceled. It was 1995 and I was excitedly following the Houston Rockets through their repeat NBA title playoff run, and it was the week they became the first team to overcome a 3-1 deficit while winning game 7 on the road. Excitedly opened up that week's issue to find... no coverage. Of that game, or any NBA game despite being in the midst of a wild playoff season. They forgot to cover the NBA playoffs

What they did cover was personality profile after personality profile, including coverboy Dennis Rodman for what seemed like a 20-page spread. "Look at Dennis Rodman! He's got colored hair and nose rings and bunches of tattoos! He's got attitude! He's outrageous!" 

That was the issue they officially became "Sports People Magazine" to my mind. Get off my lawn, Sports People. Give me accounts of the games. Goes for you, too, ESPN Sportscenter.


March 9th, 2018 at 6:45 PM ^

there's also an Arizona one with Ayton on the cover and others.  And they are the #4 ranked team in the country, so fine give them one of many covers.

Nothing to see here.


March 10th, 2018 at 11:54 PM ^

did not reveal the number of covers but did reveal one of them is Arizona which is the #15 team in the country. So whether you think MSU deserves do be the #4 (for the record I don't, but apparently enough media types do, and SI is media), they're giving covers out fairly easily, hence who cares that MSU has one?