How much time did players spend in practice under Lloyd?

Submitted by saveferris on August 31st, 2009 at 6:32 PM

All the emphasis that has been focused the past couple of days about "voluntary" practices and work-outs under Rodriguez makes me wonder what was going on during Lloyd's regime. Despite the Freep's allegations, I still have a hard time believing that Rodriguez is pushing his players that much more than any other major program in the country. If Lloyd was so strict in compliance with NCAA practice guidelines (too strict?), I'm starting to understand how the team could look so ill-prepared in some of our recent debacles; App. State, Oregon, {Insert BCS Bowl Opponent Here}, Every OSU game in what seems like forever.....



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Judging by the latter season records (save '06) and the "identities" of the detractors, I would be willing to guess somewhere in the arena of...not enough.


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With Gittlesons "Eat a pizza" weightlifting program you have to consider:

1. Ordering the pizza 5 minutes a day
2. Getting the pizza 15 minutes a day
3. Eating the pizza 30 minutes a day

So total that's about 40 minutes a day. Now the question is: Does this qualify under mandatory weightlifting (count-able hours) or is it just football players eating.

Lloyd was a tricky one he knew exactly how to skirt the rules!


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But I do think that the team was not keeping up with other elite programs by the end of his regime. I'm just inferring this, I'll be the first to admit, and I absolutely don't want to slam Coach Carr.

Garvie Craw

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A guy called into WTKA today saying he worked under Gittleson and that his workouts were harder than Barwis' workouts. He said former players will tell you the same thing, but he didn't offer any names. I only know that Ryan Mundy, who played at both U-M and WVU said the opposite. He (the caller) also revealed his agenda by calling Barwis the biggest self-promoter strength coach he's ever seen. I think it's sensitive, old guard saboteurs like this who are trying to bring down the current regime.


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Apparently, however much time they wanted to spend. And if your initials were JB and you were a "legacy" recruit, you didn't even have to show up if you didn't want to.