How much do you really hate ohio?

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Some people say the Michigan-ohio rivalry is only one sport, but it definitely isn't to me. I hope those shitheads lose in every single game they play in every sport (unless it somehow helps Michigan). I've even seen people on here say they'd root for ohio over Sparty in basketball. Are you kidding me? Ohio is the enemy always. 



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For me it's football waaay more than any other sport.  I  have a hard time rooting for Ohio football under any circumstances, even if they are playing the SEC in a bowl game.  It is rarely if ever in the best interest of UM for Ohio to ever win in football because we compete with them so much for everything that their victory does more harm than good in the long term even if it somehow helps UM get in a higher ranking.  I still don't like Ohio for basketball, but way less so than football.  And, I really don't care about any other sport other than a mild dislike.  The only sport that I can say I'm emotionally invested in is football.  


I will say that even though I hate them and almost always want them to lose, I do respect them and don't wish ill upon them unless they deserve it.  Like, I don't want their players to get injured or anything.  However, I do like to see them get punished by the NCAA when they do somthing wrong.  That's about it for me.


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Same here; I can just barely make it from Dundee to Cranberry and vice versa on a tank of gas.

Also, I always pay the toll in nickels and dimes and short it. They always threaten to count it out, but usually give up after a dollar or two. Only once have I been called out on it.


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My best friend in From Toledo, loves UM and the Wings, and while he is an Eastern Michigan Grad, he is getting married to a UM alum, so that and going to a shit ton of Mudhens games with my dad and fishing out of Toledo for Walleye in Eirie, much love!!

NOLA Wolverine

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If you want to go by what is posted here on the MGoBoard you would think Michigan State is our biggest rival. For me, I definitely feel that AA (most importantly,  the student section) is much more amped up for OSU games (football and basketball) than any other team over the past three years. 


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this many times before.  MSU is not our rival.  A rival needs to be able to compete with us year after year.  We compete with Ohio for recruits and they have a decent football team.

MSU does not compete with us in any metrics.  We only compete on the athletic field, court or ice.  The casual fan considers this a "rivalry game" but by definition, MSU is not a rival to most people that have a financial investment in our school.  If you ask "Joe Football Fan" on the streets of Fowlerville, he will say MSU is a rival, when in actuality, they are not.

We have so much tradition (and hatred) for Ohio over the years: The Ten Year War I, the upcoming Ten Year War II, Tatgate, Fab Five, etc.  Hell we even want to beat them in the annual blood drive every year.  MSU is just another Big Ten conference that happens to be in close proximity to us.

The UM/MSU game does not even get on regional TV and is relegated to BTN Channel 3.  However, UM/ohio is the prime time game every single year.


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I hope ohio suffers the same fate as the last chief rival, Chicago. Drops athletics and then brings them back 20 years later at the D3 level. 

But really. If you expect me to want to hate ohio in hockey like I do state, I'm sorry. It's hard to take serious a team you kick around so easily and beat 21-0 at one point. Yes, 21-0 in a hockey game. 

And in basketball, again, sorry. But ohio didn't run up the score on Michigan in 2000. Their basketball fans are annoying, but when you remind them the fact that they haven't won a national title since before the PARENTS of the current players were born, it usually shuts them up.


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This is correct - rivals always change with different sports.  For instance, when the Big Ten lacrosse league starts (if it starts relatively soon) I'm sure OSU will get geared up for PSU and Maryland more than us, simply because those will be the teams giving them the most competition for the championship.  It will be a big game just because it's us and them, but not always the biggest on the schedule for every sport.  

I also bet the softball girls don't see OSU as their biggest rival.  


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I hate driving through that piece of shit state.  It is the most ugly and boring state to drive through and, to make matters worse, I have to watch my speed all the time since those asshole cops want to pull my Michigan plated car over for going over 60mph.  Living in metro Detroit just about forces me to spend part of any out-of-state road trip driving through Ohio.  I hope all their damn teams lose.  Screw Ohio!!!


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I tend to dislike the state too, but I will say as a strength coach they do have a good reputation for strength training as there are a ton of good coaches, trainers, and training facilities like Westside Barbell.  And, many of the kids that come out of OH have a better strength training background than kids from other states.  During my undergrad in Connecticut three of my exercise science professors went to OSU.  It was super annoying.


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A solid state...uhh no. I live in SE Michigan and if I can I stay out of Toledo I do. Such a depressing city. 

The speed limits are stupid which causes most of the drivers to drive like idiots and police will give you a ticket for farting while driving. 


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I'm stuck in Columbus.  And aside from the annoying Buckeye fans, it's actually a pretty awesome place to live. Job market isn't bad, the cost of living isn't crazy, and my taxes, while high, aren't outrageous.  I love Michigan, but the State of Ohio itself isn't worth hating - just tOSU athletics and their worst fans.

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I'm afraid I know; adolescent-level posters on MGoBlog.

Do any of you care to tell Jake Ryan (Westlake) that his home state is shithole?  Frank Clark and Willile Henry (Glenville)?  Fitz Toussaint (Youngstown)?  Jibreel Black (Cincinnati)?

I mean, to their faces.  Like, repeating any of the embarassing trashtalk featured in this thread, to a serious person.  And a serious person who could kick your ass if he bothered to think anything of it other than a waste of his time.  Add to the list of ass-kickers Joe Bolden (Cincinnati), Kyle Kalis (Lakewood) and Dymonte Thomas  (Alliance).  All from Ohio.  Antonio Poole (Winton Woods) probably won't mind you telling him he is from a shithole.

Ben Gedeon is from beautiful Hudson, Ohio.  So is he from a "shithole"?  We've got guys who aren't just from Ohio; we've got guys who are virtually from Columbus, Ohio:  Jake Butt and Taco Charlton are from Pickerington, over on the east side of Columbus.  Jaron Dukes is from the south side of town.  Keith Hetizman is from Hilliard which is, well, sort of the middle of Columbus. 

You want to spread the Ohio-hate to Courtney Avery (Mansfield), Ross Douglas (Avon), Jarrod Wilson (Akron) and Allen Gant (Sylvania)?  Don't forget Jack Miller, from Perrysburg.  And as long as you are insulting guys from Ohio, you might as well include Chris Wormley (Toledo).

Mike McCray and Reon Dawson (Trotwood) probably can't wait to get here and hear about the shithole they grew up in together.  Where McCray's dad went to school and played football.  Ditto Deveon Smith, from Warren.  I can't even count the number of Michigan football players we've gotten from Warren. 

We don't even need to dwell on the Ohioans who were instrumental in making Michigan football what it is today -- Bo Schembechler, Gary Moeller, Brady Hoke.  Or two of our Heisman winners, Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson.  Or the dozens of Ohio-born and bred All-Americans at Michigan.


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First off, don't equate Detroit and Michigan.  Cleveland sucks too, by the way, and it's not like Youngstown is Pleasantville.

But you can't say "if not for the best things there, it would suck" because obviouslty.  If not for the ocean Florida would suck and if not for the mountains Colorado would suck.  

Though I would also argue that Michigan has the best inland lakes of any state in the Union, and that's another huge advantage Michigan has over Ohio.  

I've lived in both states, and I'm not going to say Ohio has no redeeming qualities, but comparing the two against each other - I think Michigan takes the cake.  


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Is actually on the up swing. It has some of the best restaurants and a large amount of great micro brews. Not sure if you live here or visited 10 years ago, but you got no clue. The truth is ohio and Michigan are really the same. Add in Indiana. Pennsylvania etc. the Midwest are the same.

You can accept it or be childish dickwads. If you were so much better you wouldn't need threads posted to say ohio sucks.


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I'm not being a childish dickwad at all.  I'm agreeing that Ohio isn't all bad, but that Michigan has more going for it than Ohio.  

Detroit is also on the upswing.  Grand Rapids is a great town for its size as well, and we all know about AA.  I will not agree with you that Ohio and Michigan are the same, not even close.  Ohio has nothing that can compete with Northern Michigan, nothing that can compete with the Lake Michigan Shore, nothing that can compete with Mackinac Island (and bridge) and the UP.  There's no Lake Charlevoix or Torch Lake or Higgins.  I have a framed picture of Sleeping Bear Dunes in my house - Ohio has nothing that looks anything like that.  Michigan has a lot to offer that Ohio does not.  

no joke its hoke

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I was born and raised in Ohio. its not a bad state over all but I do have a few problems with it. 1. the speed limits are a joke. in southern Ohio some highways are still 2. the cops suck. the whole state is a speed trap. and 3. we have had some of the worst governors in the whole country over the last 15 years.


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I live in a suburb of Detroit.  It's close to the city but it is not in the city.  Michigan has a lot more to see on a road trip than that shit hole Ohio.  The streets of Detroit are not what I am referring to.


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I have no problem rooting for osu if it benefits Michigan. If a B1G basketball championship for Michigan required Ohio to beat Staee or anyone else, damn straight I'm rooting for the buckeyes.


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At least Ohio had the common decency to raise the speed limit on the turnpike to 70 for the other 99.9% of the state, that's an ongoing issue


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Clearly, their neurons fire at a slower rate, resulting in higher speeds being unsafe for Ohio natives. Sad that the rest of us have to sink to their level whilst driving through their state -- which is unpleasant enough on its own.

On the other hand, perhaps the state knows that lowering speeds is the only way to get people to stay in Ohio a bit longer.