How Many O-Line Holding Penalties Against OSU

Submitted by Cali Citrus Man on November 25th, 2017 at 4:11 PM

over the last two years, because I saw about 15 on Hurst alone today?  Thanks in advance.



November 25th, 2017 at 4:48 PM ^

There were 3 that drive alone....if we are ever going to win this game again, we will have to beat the zebras as well. When Harbaugh called them out last year (Correctly) in his press conference after the game, I bet you every official in the league saw it, and saw the giant Turd (Delaney) do nothing, so they are going to burry Michigan in terrible calls. I for one hope Harbaugh does not relent on the officials and I personally hope he takes it out on every team we play going forward and runs the score up each and every game.


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Im not talking expressly this game, Im talking every game possible. Build a reputation of scoring as much as possible. I know we arent talking a couple, a few, or even many. At this point its several, as a coach I deal with poor officiating every week in both football and wrestling. The problem is, no official ever gets reprimanded for his actions, they cannot be wrong and if they are no one can say anything or youre fined, suspended and youll get even worse calls against you


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That was probably the most blatent hold on a dt you will ever see. He was passing the center when the center engaged him from the side and Hurst forward momentum just stopped.
This can not happen unless you are getting a bear hug type hold.
The best part for me was the replay. They replayed the play a few times but always from after the QB broke the pocket. Not one was from the start of the play so the hold was not shown.


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And that's what generally happens. 

If it were mere incompetence, that would be one thing.  Outright corruption is quite another. 

And that is what we are dealing with.  Hence the impossible disparity in calls from season to season.


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Think we need to consult their Oline coach. Somehow he has molded a line who has never held in a game against us. We need to figure out his magic formula. Truly wondrous. 


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I actually wonder if there's something to the speed of OSU's offense vs ours. They play so fast, I wonder if it's harder to see those holding calls. On the flip side, our attack is traditional and slower developing. I wonder if it's harder for refs to see it because I think OSU went like 2 years without a holding penalty


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I think over the course of the last 5 years, Ohio State is at the bottom, or near the bottom of all FBS teams in holding penalties. Like it or not, holding is a super subjective call because otherwise it can almost literally be called on every single play.

I have heard rumors that Urban has people on his staff that analyze officiating tendencies (i.e. what is the average amount of time a O-lineman can commit a hold before a ref will call it, what hand positions will be most noticable, and etc), and he coaches the O-Line based on that data.


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o'korn and the defense lost this game. o'korn missed a ton of wide open guys on good play calls and the defense let a backup qb beat them. the metellus drop of an easy int was not because of the refs. osu is a better team and is much better coached


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Dude, they have literally never got called for a hold since harbaugh got here. It is not like the dline is not good. They had a stout DL the last 3 years. The last two years the dl has caused an insane amounts of havoc in the backfield with sacks and tfl. It is litterally impossible for a line to be that overmatched by a dl and never have to hold to slow them down. Yet, here we are.


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We didn’t lose the game because of officiating but it’s not a lot to ask for a balanced called game. Everyone is so keen to call Harbaugh our for his salary so why doesn’t Warde do his job and take this up with the league offices. Why does he get a pass - I sometimes forget that we have an AD.


November 25th, 2017 at 4:26 PM ^

The Big Ten and the NCAA would shit a brick of OSU did not make it into the playoff.  OSU is the big ticket darling of the Midwest (along with perhaps ND).  There is no way that they would let OSU lose another game and get eliminated.

Poor Wiscy is going to get totally shafted next weekend.  Wiscy in the playoff would be a nightmare for the Big Ten and the NCAA.  Way too boring.  Boring coach.  Boring offense.  Boring defense.  No following outside of Wisconsin.  I have a feeling it will be a close game and it will turn on the officiating.  Book it now - OSU is in the playoff.


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Do not forget the holding call on Cole when the DL was going to the ground and he simply fell on him.  That is rule #1 for an OL in pass protect. 

Really sad when the TV announcers are calling penalties that were missed and there were at least 3-5 on OSU that were missed.  Not saying that would have made a difference but it is all about when the breaks happen.


November 25th, 2017 at 5:18 PM ^

It absolutely would have a difference they missed 2 defensive holding calls on 3rd down, while also missing blatent holds on OSU that extended drives. Not to mention the spot just before half. There is 30 seconds left from mid firld and a first down if called right.
There were so many calls that change momentum in favor of OSU. And it was not like the blatently bad calls were split, they all went OSU was two years in a row.


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We needed to make plays and catch a few breaks with our offense and it didn't happen. Officiating didn't help and it's incredible how poorly the game was officiated. Next year, we need to bring the better team to The Game.