How many more years of Foug?

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I know I'm not alone in really enjoing James Foug's kickoff prowess this year.  On a whim I decided to look up what year he was to see how comfortable I could get on the subject of kickoffs, and the results were confusing.  He's not listed at all on the MGoBlog unofficial 2 deep (still has Nordin in the KO role).  His profile on the official roster makes no sense.  Describes graduating High School in 2016, playing his first games last year (but is described as a sophomore) and is then described as a senior this year (  He's 22 so senior makes sense I guess, but the timeline as described doesn't really.   


So what I'm trying to figure out is how many more seasons of beautiful hangtime can we expect.  Does anyone know how many years of eligibility Foug actually has left at this point?



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it would be more of a surprise for Michigan to beat Michigan State, which if you consider something that is unlikely to happen as a "surprise", and if you consider "these days" to be this season (or the recent past and near future) he is incorrect.

I get that they had won 7 of 9 coming in, but that doesn't change the current talent differential and the current coaching.  They fact they beat up on bad RichRod and Hoke teams when they had good, experienced talent is irrelevant to the expectations for the game this season.

Michigan State was coming off a 3-9 season, and had a bunch of attrition, playing on the road as double digit underdogs.  Even if you think the MSU coaching staff is better (I'll even admit that's debatable), it was a surprise that they won on Saturday because it was unlikely to happen.

He's obviously trying to butter up his opponent and get his team psyched about playing the mighty Spartans.  Typical of coaches the week before a game, so I don't think he meant any harm.  But it was an untrue statement.


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It had nothing to do with the weather or the 5 turnovers.

Living in central Ohio, I was reminded by many buckeye fans of their loss to MSU a couple years ago and it was almost an identical situation. Except they (OSU) were rated #2 in the nation.


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I don't even know how that applies to this entire discussion. 

It was a surprise they won.  It did require 5 TOs, which was a huge surprise that we committed so many.

Fleck is an idiot if he thinks it would have been more of a surprise if Michigan won that game than MSU. It was a surprise when MSU beat OSU in 2015 and it was a surprise on Saturday.

And that's my point.


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Well, the only fact he cited was MSU's recent record against Michigan and using that information to perform the same lazy analysis that so make other hot take artists on the internet have done, to justify his comment.

So I suppose, yes, P.J. Fleck didn't say anything that was untrue.  The conclusions he draws are more than open to debate.


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My apologies, but I find it hard to yield the floor and concede to a man who got into a patent dispute with his former employer over the phrase "Row The Boat". I mean, it was a great rally cry and all that, but that got ridiculously real. I just can't do it. 


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"I think they've beaten them 8 out of the last 10 times so I don't think you can be surprised at all," Fleck said during his Tuesday press conference. "I think it would almost be the other way. If Michigan beats Michigan State you should be surprised in these times."

Much the same way people should be surprised when Minnesota beats Michigan, or any Big 10 team of consequence for that matter.

See you in a couple of weeks, fella.


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The online data for Foug could indicate he could play in 2018. He redshirted Cal Poly but I believe he didn't play for two years after his 2014 season there. 2015-16 off roster apparently. Did I miss something completely obvious? Other than he's listed on Michigan's roster as "senior," which doesn't necessarily mean he's not a redshirt/transfer senior with two years away, in which case conceivably he could be eligible for an additional year?