How many Heisman RUNNER UPs has Michigan had?

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I hear all of this stuff about the "Heisman Watch" and all that, and see maybe 20 guys names on the ESPN list. I know that usually there are 5 candidates that go to the awards ceremony and they are given the trophy and blah blah blah. My question to the MGoCommunity is how many Michigan players have been at the Awards but never won? Who did they lose to? Why do you think that happened?

Also: Talking to my dad he remembers Henne and Hart on the list.... before The Horror.



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Perry was top 5 in 2003 (?) --- I think the same year of his 50 carries against Sparty --- and was at the ceremony (again, ?)

I think Hart was #4 or #5 in final voting in 2006 - I don't think he was at the ceremony though

Harbough was Top 5 in 1986 (?)


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I believe Hart came in 5th or 6th in the 2006 season, but was not invited to the ceremony. Braylon also finished in the Top 10 but was not invited to the ceremony in 04, and I think Chris Perry finished third in 03


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Are we counting Tom Harmon, won was runner up to Nile Kinnick in 1939?

Then there would be Bob Chappuis, from the Mad Magicians of 1947...

Rob Lytle in 1976 and Rick Leach in 1978 came in did Harbaugh in 1986

So the answer is two, and one of them would go on to win the Trophy eventually.


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I am pretty sure Chris Perry and Braylon both were invited to NY. I also seem to remember Wheatley getting an invite, but I could be mistaken.


Edit: Apparently, my memory deceives.


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The Heisman website has the full list of winners.  If you click on a winner's name, it will bring up the voting results for that year.

As others pointed out above, other than Harmon in 39 Chappius in 47, not sure there were any other 2nd place finishers.  Hart was 5th in '06, Perry was 4th in '03, Harbaugh was 3rd in '86, Carter 4th in '82 (7th in '81, 10th in '80).

Other notables:

Ron Johnson - 6th in '68

Rick Leach - 3rd in '78, 8th in '77

Didn't really check for any others but it's a cool thing to check out who nearly won the award, like Larry Fitzgerald.  Beast should have won in 03 over Jason White


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