How loud do you think the stadium was?

Submitted by pullin4blue on September 4th, 2010 at 9:54 PM

I am fortunate enough to have tickets in the new club seats. For those who have not been in the seats, there are 3 speakers per section that face us in the crowd and play the miked band and what little Rawk music there was. Since there are only 8 rows of seats the sound bounces off the glass behind us and the noise level is very high. I am wondering if people in the regular seats found that the decibel level was considerably higher than anything last season. I am hoping so because despite being farther away from the field I screamed like crazy. 

I thought the game was great and wouldn't change much of anything. My daughter (16) thinks there should have been more Rawk music and less band. I'm more of a traditionalist and feel if the band is audible, I am very happy to have them provide the music rather than piped in music.

Anyway, please let me know what those of you in the stands thought of the noise level. BTW, I loved the fireworks and the Brock walk. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house.



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It was deafening in the Student Section.  I could hear the "Go Blue" chant echoing off the other part of the stadium before kickoff.  Way to kick some serious ass today, Student Section!!


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I thought it was very loud in the first quarter, and not quite as loud the rest of the game.  It was good, but I think the crowd can still do better.  One big positive: I was able to stand up a lot more than before   Maybe a lot of the "Down in front" crowd moved to the boxes?

kevin holt

September 5th, 2010 at 1:45 AM ^

and I wanted to make a thread about this the whole game, but I knew there would be 100 new threads every hour...

I think we need to start AHHHHing way earlier. When they have the ball, I go AHHHHHH when theyre huddling, but im the only one. Then their team gets set and everyone starts. By that time if theyre no-huddling, the ball has snapped already. If they've huddled, then starting that late does no good unless they audible.

We need to be loud the whole time. Meaning, when theyre in the huddle, they go "okay the play is ......." "WHAT?" "I SAID THE PLAY IS ....." "WHAT?" "READY, BREAK" "WHAT?"

instead of "okay now this is the play, break." then AHHHHHHH. just my opinion, we need to yell way sooner. esp vs no huddle offenses


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.......I start yelling while the other team starts to huddle up as well. Did it all game for ND last year and it makes a big difference IMO. It looked to me like the crowd in the N endzone lower tier below me was starting to get into it a bit earlier as well.

I've always wondered the same thing....why let them even communicate in the huddle, when you can be loud enough to make it hard to even call the play.


September 4th, 2010 at 11:38 PM ^

in the "down in front" part of the stadium. And I hear a few people bitch about having to stand to see, which is a great, great thing.

I thought the sound level was deafening at times. Talked to some UConn people after the game by the eagle and this guy said (paraphrasing) "Holy shit- this place is incredible. Never seen anything like it. Incredible place, incredible crowd, polite people, I am a Michigan fan now". And his wife and Dad agreed. 

 I put my arm on his shoulder and said "glad you could make it, sorry you're probably disappointed" and his Dad said "No, no, no, what a classy place - Go Blue"

Nicely done Michigan. 


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idk how loud, but it was fuckin loud.. my voice is nearly gone, we were behind the endzone opp of the student section.  It got so loud at times i couldn't hear shit.   We also had no one sitting in front of us or behind us..


September 5th, 2010 at 12:30 AM ^

I've certainly heard it louder(that first overtime game against Penn St. still takes the crown) but we were standing for every defensive posession...Have to admit I was the only one making an arse of myself in our section, but more than a few people actually chimed in on 3'rd and 4'th down.