How long before Hoke leads us to a BCS bowl? EDIT: Revisiting May 2011

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Yes, this was the question back in May, 2011.

This post discusses returning starters and everyone's thoughts on how many wins we will have this season and this post predicts how long it will take before Hoke leads us to a BCS game.

I can safely say that we all underestimated this team and this staff, and while I wont overshoot our expectations for next year, our 2012 opponents should be very worried about this staff and this team.  I am very proud of this season!  Enjoy the blast from the past.

EDIT: Im not really asking the question of when we will go to another BCS game, I was simply bringing us back to our thoughts 8 months ago, when we were thinking it was going to take 3 years to get back to the BCS and win 9-10 games this year.  I just wanted to highlight what a great team we had this year, far surpassing our expecations.



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Well given that he was in the Sugar Bowl, it looks like one season.  Now if you mean the Championship Bowl, that might be a while since that depends on many things.....


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No, I didn't read the post but now that I have, it seems like many people underestimated this team.  Hell, I probably would have underestimated them too.  New coaches, last year's record, etc.  There is no way I would have expected them to go to a BCS bowl.   I was thinking that they would be 1 of Notre Dame, Michigan STate or Ohio State though.  I didn't think they would be 2 out of those three.



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Michigan has a good shot in 2012 of winning the B10.  The conference is down,  and with OSU and PSU having issues the conference championship game will probably be Michigan vs Wisconsin.   It'll be interesting thats for sure.


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I think our success this year was more so on the number of returning players and how weak Big Ten play was, than the coaching staff's abilities.  Still, that's impressive for first year coaches, but don't be surpised with a drop off next year with a more difficult schedule.  


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the cited diary, posed last May 2011, was posted by "NOLA Blue", and the first BCS Bowl the Wolverines under Hoke was played in New Orleans, LA. I sincerely hope "NOLA Blue" was able to attend last weeks Sugar Bowl.

Since next year's BCS Championship game will be played at the Rose Bowl, I am tempted to create MGoUser "LACA Blue" and post a diary this coming May, asking "How Long Until Hoke Leads UM to the BCS Championship Game".


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I think they go 8-4. Auto-losses to ND and Nebraska, with one loss to either Iowa or TSIO, and one "upset" which will be descirbed in forums and comment fields by many as "UNACCEPTABLE." I fully expect Michigan to trounce MSU, though. --Tater

Good thing those games weren't autolosses! Looks like a lot of us overestimated notre dame just like everyone else.


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this season can be attributed to the athletes that RichRod recruited that caught on to Mattisons defensive philosophy and Borges understanding that when you cater to Denard's strengths good things will happen.


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I thought we would be doing good if we were able to get to 8-4 this season. I thought Ohio, Nebraska, Iowa and either Notre Dame or lil bro would hand us the four losses.

I thought changing coaches was going to net us no gain. Putting the players through another coaching change looked like a bad idea. It looked like we would be starting on yet another four year plan to bring in kids for a new system and teach them how it runs.

I thought giving up on RR for Brady Hoke was a bad deal. BH has shown he is an outstanding coach and a leader of men.

After the game with lil bro, I thought Denard's poor throwing would cost us more than his legs would gain us.

It has been nice to see what I thought didn't come true.


coastal blue

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who looked at a team returning 18-19 starters with a massive improvement at the DC position, knew that a BCS bowl was possible this year as long as Borges didn't destroy the offense given the schedule we were facing. 

The people who thought we would be bad this year were part of the problem surrounding the team the past three years.