How long does Dantonio stay?

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With that Butch Davis back in the picture and Tuberville slapping graduate assistants live, starting a player straight out of jail or making cracks at an opposing players height isn't an issue anymore. Or ever was, according to some MSU fans.

Also, Dantonio probably knows by now he's at a huge recruiting disadvantage with Hoke and Meyer offering every elite player in sight, and if Bielema can get hired at 3 million plus a year, he's not gonna be there much longer. 

Odds on him opening 2014 as MSU's coach? If not what school could fire their HC next year look for a defensive minded coach?



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I don't like him, but I think his loyalty to MSU is real.  The only job I could imagine him leaving for is OSU...I didn't think Bielema would leave Wisconsin either, but I (gulp) respect and trust Dantonio more.  I think his crazy, Michigan-hating passion is the genuine article. 


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I also believe it's real and in the same way we love Hoke for doing it, it makes everything about the rivalry better.  It's better when it's interesting.  It wasn't fun when RR was here because he didn't "get it".  Hoke and Dantonio both get it and are bound to make this game fun for a long time.

San Diego Mick

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he won't stay longer than 2 more seasons at most, just seems like someone will come for him, he has done a nice job in E.L.

Sparty might try to get Treadwell back or promote narduzzi if it happens, wouldn't be a terrible thing for them as I felt like Treadwell did a great job for them while the scowler was having heart issues.


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In two years, he will be 58 years old.  For Dantonio to leave, it would have to be a step up from MSU (insert obvious joke here).  I would be surprised to see a program in that tier knocking down the door for an older coach.

Edit:  and this is why you read all comments.... otherwise you end up with a not so original thought..... (see Don's post below)


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are going to hire a 56-year-old guy with heart issues who's coming off of a 6-6 season. Who, on top of all that, has the personality of a large, inflamed hemorrhoid.


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you are wrong if you don't think that Dantonio has been a hot comodity.  He has had 2 10+ wins at Michigan Staee(!), beat Georgia last year and is going to beat TCU this year.  My guess is that if Arkansas is hiring Bielema, Dantonio is already spoken for.


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Dantonio already spoken for?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that Beilema is a more attractive head coaching candidate than Mr. Personality himself, Mark Dantonio.  As stated above, he is healthier, younger, and has 3 rose bowl bids to Dantonio's zero.


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Dantonio's days of ruling this rivalry are over. MSU is back to hoping for regional supremacy, something nobody in their right mind cares about anymore. 

Dantonio's career ascendency was effectively ended once Meyer took the job at MSU. Dantonio never said so publicly, but you know wanted the job as Ohio's coach.


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Definitely not the case if you followed the OSU search closely.  Neither part was high on the other.  Why would a coach with heart concerns take a HIGHER pressure job, and why would the school want to hire one when they could have had Urban Meyer? Dantonio was more of a gamble than about a dozen other coaches that would have taken the job at OSU.


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it will not take long.  marky mark's hatred for us is evident.  His hatered will only grow as he loses recruits to us and ohio.  Can you say "a-la nick saban"?

sparty will get caught in mediocrity for years and years to come.  It will be a joy to watch them deflate and return to nothing-ness.  They did get a little cocky for a second, but that time has come and gone.  But sparty's gonna spart, what else can you say?

Perkis-Size Me

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The only ways Dantonio leaves MSU are if he retires there, gets fired, or OSU comes calling one day. He won't admit it, but I bet if Urban Meyer wasn't in the picture, he would have bolted for OSU in a heartbeat if they had asked him.

Dantonio only wants to coach in a place where he can play and have an attempt to beat Michigan on an annual basis, as well as in a place where he can effectively instill his pure hatred of all things Michigan. MSU and OSU are the only places that fit that bill, in my opinion.

I'm inclined to say that Dantonio's surge of MSU dominance is coming to an end, as he looks like he can't keep up with Meyer or Hoke on the recruiting trail, but man this guy can develop players. And he will always have his guys ready to go against Michigan, no matter what their record is. I don't see MSU going to a Rose Bowl anytime soon, but I don't see them going away, either. At least not as long as Dantonio is there.


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Pretty much how I feel.  They've almost always had 3 and occasional 4-star recruiting classes yet found a way to get the job done.  They aren't better built for the long haul, but at least in the mean time I think they are and will remain competitive.  Like another Iowa or Wisconsin program.  They're decent with the occasional spurt of overachieving.


I will disagree about the OSU job though.  Like was said earlier, he has made it clear to people that he doesn't want to move his family out of the area.  He also hasn't given them any trouble when it comes to money, contracts, or getting the assistance (facilities, etc..) from their athletics department whenever it was needed.  Him and Hollis seem to be on the same page all the time and with that comfort factor, and his limited time left in coaching, I just don't seem him uprooting and going anywhere else. 


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I can't see Dantonio ever leave MSU. His age and health are a factor, but I view his drive as a competitor to be the main reason he'll stay in East Lansing. There is no doubt that their program is much better than it has been in recent memory under his leadership. Regardless of how some people around here view Sparty's reccent success as luck, Dantonio has done a great job in making MSU a relavant team in the B1G for the past few seasons. However, he hasn't been able to get that elusive Rose Bowl appearance. Until he gets that, I don't think he'll be personally satisfied with the job he's done at MSU and will keep him there for at least the time it takes to get to Pasadena.


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Good post. I agree. He's a lifer at MSU. His assistants however will continue to get picked off the entire time. Next up: Narduzzi. There will be a full fledged Dantonio coaching tree growing in Lansing before he leaves.

Barring sanctions of course.


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Dantonio has a done a wonderful job of recruiting intergalactically and MSU is really just a stepping stone for him. I can see him leaving for the Mars State fighting Martians job.