How Jimmy Vesey Stole the Hobey

Submitted by stephenrjking on April 11th, 2016 at 11:28 AM
Chris Dilks provides some helpful information about the Hobey Robbery. Notable: at least one voter privately admits regret about their vote.…

I wouldn't worry about a bunch of people trapped in a narrative echo chamber of they weren't so bad for the sport. Burn it all down.



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It's crazy how political the Hobey voting is. The Heisman and Naismith are pretty unaffected by players' professional potentials, yet you've got voters here saying they would have made a different choice if Vesey's saga with the Preds would have played out earlier. Why? Just vote on single season college production.


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Funny that reporters and NHL insiders in Toronto started to connect the dots back in October when the Toronto Maple Leafs (an organization going through a complete rebuild and looking for young talent) hired Jimmy Vesey's father on as a pro scout and in the 6th round of the 2014 draft the leafs picked Jimmy's younger brother Nolan Vesey.

Funny how things work out. Jimmy is expected to sign with either Toronto or Boston (where he's spent the last four years in college). It was a fucking joke he was even in the hat trick to begin with.


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I didn't watch a single minute of the Frozen Four or the Championship game in protest. As a matter of fact, from now on I will only care about Michigan. I've had enough of the East Coast bias in college hockey.


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You didn't watch any of the games on Thursday in protest of the decision that was revealed on Friday? Why didn't you tell us that Vesey was going to win? Would've saved me time watching the award presentation.


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College hockey has been a joke for a long time, but this year was the final straw for me. I should've stopped watching after we got screwed against Miami in 2010. We score a clear game winning OT goal and the refs somehow lost sight of the puck. No Michigan in the Frozen Four in Detroit, pretty much handed the national title to Boston College.


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Vesey won it because he had a nice 'returning for senior season story' and they gave it to him as a career achivement award.

I don't know how else you conclude that Vesey should win it over a guy with 25 more points than him. 


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I don't think it does a good job explaining how Vesey stole the hobey. I do think he was no better than third behind Connor and that Caligula guy from North Dakota.