How impressed are you with Stevie Brown

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For a guy that was a goat for much of his career at Michigan, this season has been great. I believe he has been by far our best LB, and perhaps the mvp of the defense so far. Graham would get some mention since he takes double teams nonstop and Warren has been solid, but other than that there's not much to be thrilled about. I have not broken down a game like Brian or anything like that, but Stevie always seems to be there when they play goes his way.

He does occasionally get blown off the ball by a 300lb lineman (but so do Ezeh and Mouton and pretty much every one of our Dlinemen). But the only play I can remember him making a big mistake on was the statue of liberty two-point conversion by ND. Hard to blame him that much for that since everyone bit on it.

Anyway, I am thrilled for him that he has found a spot where he can excel. He seems like a great kid. What are your thoughts? MVP of D, good not great, average, ugh Stevie Brown covering random slot receiver from Appy St?


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Edit: since apparently people think I'm mocking the OP:

The choices: What are your thoughts? MVP of D, good not great, average, ugh Stevie Brown covering random slot receiver from Appy St?

Answer: I chose Great, not quite "MVP of the D", but better than "good not great"

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I have been very impressed, especially so after the WMU game. He's finally been put in a position to make plays. Hopefully we won't see any more C.Graham attempting to cover Gonzo-type schemes.

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and relieved. I have always rooted for Stevie Brown because I think he is an overall good kid and he shows it in his work ethic, commitment to U of M and his words in interviews. I stated before the season that I hope he has a breakout year. It appears that is in the works and I am very happy for him.


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To see a kid who was so maligned have success after all the ups and downs he's had to go through while a part of the program is really great. I'm happy (for him and for UM) that the coaches were able to identify his strengths and finally put him in a position to succeed on the field.

More importantly though, I'm happy for me. As someone who wears a #3 jersey while watching games (I was a big Marlin Jackson fan while in school), it is great to finally have a solid contributor sporting the number. I had a rough time for a while there between Kevin Grady not living up to his 5-star expectations (before abandoning the number entirely) and Stevie's struggles early in his career. God bless you, Stevie Brown.


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You can really see his speed when he is making tackles going from sideline to sideline. I think there was a play against EMU where I thought the running back was going to get the corner, but Stevie flew in to make the tackle. I think it was a really good move by GERG to put him in this role.


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Solid player? Yes. He has been among the top 5 players on our defense.

Part of the reason I've been so impressed is that every time he makes a tackle near the LOS, I think to myself "Holy shit, Stevie Brown just made a good play." Hopefully by the end of the season it'll no longer be a surprise.


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I really felt bad for Stevie in the offseason, I also piled it on, but I was really quick to realize how well he's playing this season. I'm really happy for him, and he looks like a really nice guy which makes it even sweeter.


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he's better than any of our other linebackers........which says more about our other linebackers than it does Stevie Brown.

Brown has proved himself to be a good football player, with better instincts than we gave him credit for last season.

He's having a very good if not outstanding year at a new position.


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I have a friend that is a pro scout. BEFORE the season he told me that the new position spot for Stevie was going to make him a lot of money in the NFL. I kind of gave him a look and just laughed. Turns out he just might be right. Guess thats why he is a pro scout and I am not. Keep it up Stevie.

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I, personally, am very impressed and would say he is the second best player on our D this year behind only Graham and about even with Warren. I can't overemphasize how impressed I have been with him this year, nor how happy I am for him. Go Stevie!


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I wish he had been moved a couple years ago. He's have that much more experience at LB, plus he wouldn't have been at safety to make the mistakes he did. However, whoever would have been playing safety may have made those same mistakes, but I won't think about that.


September 30th, 2009 at 10:42 AM ^

and now they seem to be paying off. He's a genuinely good kid and even though I know he made mistakes in the safety position (yes, a lot of mistakes) he has always worked really hard, and the coaches seem to appreciate his contributions. I hated reading the criticism of him, which makes his performance so far this year - and the praise - that much sweeter. Woo Stevie!

Blue Balls

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I stated before the season that it wasn't the player as much as it was the position. Stevie has all the skills to succeed, I predict that before the season is over everyone will be talking about this player-"The big" play. Cissoko is another player that I feel will make an impact before the season is done. Cissoko just needs time to get that confidence and while it is hard to swallow watching him get beat, this player also has all the tools to succeed. Would love to see this defensive unit come together against Sparty. Go Blue!


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I'm very impressed w/ Stevie this year. He's actually one of my top 5 favorite players on this year's team. I love it that, after he made us all groan in misery last year, that he was able to turn things around, improve a ton, and is now one of the most solid players on our D. He has *a lot* to be proud of, and I love to see stuff like that. Good for him!!