How important is this game for Harbaugh/UM?

Submitted by goblue4321 on October 17th, 2018 at 12:13 PM

I feel this msu game is the most important game on michigans schedule this year, more important than osu actually. I feel it is an absolute must win for harbaugh. he has the more talented team and that needs to come up with a win Saturday. I think for recruiting purposes and state of the program that Michigan has to win this game, if they don't I feel that it will be a huge set back for the program and could create a down fall for the rest of year. I don't care win by 1 or 30, need to win. I think a win, Michigan goes 10-1 to osu, lose and I could see 8-4. 

Whats everybody think? 



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This is an absolute must win, both for this season and for my confidence in Harbaugh’s ability to win the absolutely necessary games. 


Can’t say The Game is the big focus for Michigan and OSU if we can’t take care of our state first. 

The Mad Hatter

October 17th, 2018 at 12:20 PM ^

OSU is always the most important game.  Anyone that thinks differently is wrong.

MSU is important mainly because we have to beat them to keep our goals in front of us, but there is nothing sweeter in life than beating OSU and hearing the lamentations of their women.

Fuck I miss the 90's.


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Here's the thing, if we lose to MSU and win out, we might not win the B1G.  MSU only has 1 loss in conference, so say we lose this and both win out, we're staying home. Now obviously that means we expect a team that lost to Arizona State and Northwestern to win out but its on the table.  Based on the way the schedule has shake out, this game is exceptionally important, even grading on the MSU-game curve.  


I still think OSU is probably more important, but if we want to be in position to play for a B1G title, this game is a must-win.  


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For recruiting and national perspective, yes OSU is always most important.  But the MSU game is most important only because of the ND loss.  For us to make the CFP, we can't lose any more games.  If not for that, we could sustain a loss and all of our goals would still be in play.

We must have this game.


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I would say this game is more beneficial for Michigan's recruiting and national reputation as a W allows us to stay in the national spotlight for at least several more weeks. A loss and it's right back to the same 'Can Harbaugh win the big games at Michigan???'


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I think it's important.

Very important.

Very, very, important.

So very important.

So very, very important.

I think we should have a thread like this every game.

Some games may not be important.

But this game is important.

Very important.

Very, very important.



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Can we never again mimic the talking heads on ESPN (and other outlets) whose incisive analysis is who has more to gain, more to lose, etc.  These result in nonsensical discussions and push people away from the kind of analysis we get on Mgoblog.  That is why we like mgoblog.  Let's ask, "Brian, is this kind more important for Michigan or Michigan State, for Harbaugh or Dantonio, for Patterson or Lewerke, for Ann Arbor or East Lansing."'  What analysis could possibly come from that kind of question.  Sorry for the rant.