How I get through the offseason (post Spring Football):

Submitted by Fort Wayne Blue on May 8th, 2012 at 4:30 PM

To survive the incredibly slow time of the year we're in, I DVR every one of Michigan's appearances in the Big Ten's Greatest Games I possibly can. Last weekend I got the 2000 Orange Bowl on tape and have been watching it in bits and pieces over the past couple of days....

This afternoon, I've been watching the 3rd quarter where Michigan comes back from down 14 and right after they score and 'bama gets the ball back. (with aboud 45 seconds left in the 3rd) Alexander runs left. The 5-tech gets blown inside by the tackle, the SAM loses contain as the H-back gets leverage on him, the safety takes a poor angle, & the Mike hesitates in a hole instead of getting to the edge.....and Shaun gets 8

AND THEN the sideline explodes in shouting and one very pissed D-Line coach starts yelling at one of those guys for giving up contain!  I'm glad he's our coach!

its how I get through this time of year...... hope you enjoyed my story.




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I was hoping this would be a more entertaining post.  Like when people post about their dreams of playing for Michigan and blocking for Denard or how they were playing with Wolverines in Alaska.  


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Personally I enjoy baseball, so the off-season for me isn't so bad. Watching some old clips is always a nice way to pass the time though, but I'd suggest picking up the playoffs in the NBA/NHL or baseball if you really want the offseason to feel shorter than it is.


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In high school, I ran with a guy who has a legit shot at making the team (he made the US team for the IIAF Championships in 2009 as a 5k'er) although I don't know if he's gunning for a 5k spot or the 1500m.

He went to Wisconsin, but had he committed to Michigan he'd be a favorite around here; he's one of the nicest people I've ever met, so I'm really looking forward to rooting for him again.


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My HS doesn't graduate a lot of elite athletes, so it's definitely a new/different experience. I got to cheer for him when he ran with Team USA in 2009, but it's just not the same as the Olympics. Top it with him being such a well liked, nice guy and my Facebook feed has a lot more references to the summer track events than I feel is normal. He should have a good chance at making the cut, IMO.

Sac Fly

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About the same time that I started at PR we got really good and joined a second conference, so it was ridiculously expensive too play for them. I did play lacrosse for the club team, graduated in 09 and I do play rat ice at the ice house.


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We probably know at least a few of the same people then. I don't keep in touch with a lot of old teammates, but I know that at least a couple play at the Ice House when they get a chance.

I never played lacrosse, but I did know a few guys who played for Jacobs.

Inertia Policeman

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Considering all 3 guys who made the worlds team in the 5k in 2009 went to Wisconsin, I'm going to guess the one most recently in high school. Evan Jager? If so that is pretty cool that you know him. I raced against him as a senior when he was a freshmen, and he beat me quite handily. I will be pulling for him as well.

EDIT: too late


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Jerry Schumacher is one of the better middle distance/distance coaches in the world, and he coached that trio that went to the IIAF World Championships (he left Wisconsin in 2008 to take over Nike's (mid) distance athletes).

Wisconsin does have a good program though, so that's definitely a selling point as well.


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2. Food Network/Travel Channel

3. Tigers

4. Oberon / Drinking more often than during football and basketball season

5. Buying way too many pointless things on Amazon

6. The Triple Crown

7. Being creepy by walking around downtown A2 with the sole purpose of bumping into a Michigan athlete (So far this offseason, that's only been "Tloy Woolfork" which only half counts now)


Edit: Didn't mention MGoBlog because most of my MGoblogging is done while at work.  So it's my co-number 1.


Like It's 19BBY

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If I'm not zoning out my wife with Modern Warfare 3, I'll spend some time reenacting great Michigan moments in my living room with my kids using a few balled up socks as a football. However, having a 3 and 5 year old, the Henne to Manningham pass with 0:01 left always turns into hot potatoe or something very similar to the final play of the Michigan-Nebraska 2005 Alamo Bowl. At lest my 3 year old knows to toss it to her faster, more coordinated brother who's right behind her...sorry Tyler.

coastal blue

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Its really not to bad of a summer sportswise.

Stanley Cup playoffs (Rangers/Capitals has been fantastic)

NBA playoffs

Euro 2012

Hate baseball, but those will carry me through.


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Weekdays typically go:

1)  Wake up  / MGoBlog

2) Exercise

3) Coffee / MGoBlog 

4) Work, with MGoBlog in down moments

5) MGoBlog over beer

6) Dinner /  time with family

7) MGoBlog / Tigers baseball

8) Beer

9 ) Sleep


On weekends, I can be found summarizing Proust:


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watching the Tigers.

Cutting the grass (over 4 acres)

Working on my shooting skills ( gun and bow) for the coming hunting season.

Praying to the football Gods for a win over msu and Ohio.

Splitting wood for the winter.



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Tigers throughout the summer (hoping they can get out of their current funk), then the TDF and Olympics. Last year we were blessed with the Tressel fallout in May and beyond, which carried me just about to football season.


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I actually need the break.  I spend way too much time following CFB the way it is. 

When I sat down to watch the Spring Game in April . . . and Ohio State's and Alaama's . . . well, that's where my wife just about lost it.