How to get Michigan football games

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I have a serious problem out here in Oregon where I live......What is the best way to watch Michigan football?  I will start to receive the Big Ten Network on August 28 through Comcast. Question is will Michigan games be on the BTN if ESPN or ABC say they will broadcast them.  The problem I have with ABC is that they will show regional games- so instead of say Michigan vs Wisconsin- I would get California vs UCLA or something.  Now with the big ten network airing games does that mean that espn will not be showing Michigan?  Is there an internet solution for any games that are not televised nationally?  What about espn gameplan?   I have called local cable providers, internet providers etc. and they have no idea about sports programming.  If I am going to switch cable, internet etc I need to do so in the next week or so- Antbody out there have any knowledge of the situation?



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BTN games are exclusive to BTN and not carried on ABC/ESPN and vice versa, so you'll still have the regional coverage problem.  You can still get these regional games from the ESPN Gameplan PPV thing.

BTN does replay all Big Ten games throughout the week, even the ABC/ESPN ones, at least it did last year.


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Because they play games that start at 10pm.  Hopefully you'll get some regional coverage starting at 9am, I know Utah will start at 12:30 in CA, but a lot of Michigan games start at noon here (9am pacific time)


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and my experience (this was before Comcast had BTN) was that Michigan games were not that hard to get.  Last season I watched Notre Dame, Penn State, Illinois, MSU, Wisconsin, and OSU that I can remember, and maybe Minny and Purdue as well, not sure.  The nice thing about the regional deal is the time difference.  If, say, the Wisconsin game is at 12:30 or 1:00, there won't be any competing West Coast games so the networks will show whatever's out East.  This year it should be even better with BTN because you'll get all those MAC games that you wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

Big Ten programming is especially easy to find on ABC/ESPN.  There are four major BCS conferences in the East.  The SEC is on CBS mostly.  The ACC and Big East try to put a lot of their better matchups on Thursdays.  So Saturday mornings, it's not uncommon to find the Big Ten on ESPN and again on ESPN2.

Bottom line, I would say you'll see the following M games:

- Any game on BTN, likely to include the two MAC matchups and Northwestern

- Notre Dame on NBC

- Any conference game scheduled for 12:30 or 1:00 Eastern.


If it's on ESPN or ESPN2, you'll see it.  ABC is your only real worry and thus, the worries on the calendar right now are Utah, which is 3:30 Eastern and on ABC, and Penn State, scheduled for 4:30.  You will miss Utah, as USC/Virginia is on ABC at the same time and you're in Pac-10 territory.  There are two other tantalizing games the weekend of October 18 (PSU) that ABC might pick up instead: OSU/MSU and Wisconsin/Iowa.  If ABC takes one of those two, you're in the clear and can then watch the PSU game on ESPN(2).


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that a lot of what I said makes more sense when you remember that ABC/ESPN get first three cracks at game selection, and only then does the BTN get its game.  You will:

- Always see any BTN game, because they're not in the business of showing two at once.

- Always see any game on ESPN(2) because those two networks always televise nationally.

- Always see Notre Dame.

- Likely see any game on ABC that doesn't conflict with Pac-10 programming or is pre-empted by something really big like Texas/Oklahoma.


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This was posted by Brian last August, and as far as I know, is still valid this year:

Basically, it says that any Big Ten game that gets the ABC-regional treatment, will be broadcast on either ESPN or ESPN2 in the outer markets (i.e. Oregon).  There are no Michigan games on Game Plan because they're, in theory, all available on cable.  That is, provided that you are blessed with the BTN.


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As was stated above, any Michigan game broadcast on ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 that is not already a national broadcast will be mirrored on one of the ESPN family of networks.

In the case of the Utah game, for those not in the midwest, that ABC Regional game will be broadcast on either ESPN or ESPN2 for the rest of the nation that doesn't get the regional feed on ABC.

That being said, just fly in from Oregon for the game! It is Labor Day weekend, after all.


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I would love that- just bought a nice big expensive tv for the upcoming season- wife says we gotta pay that off first.  Besides I coach high school football and we have our first game that Saturday evening.


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Has anyone ever tried espn  They show a lot of games- I would have to switch internet providers to get it- would they show Michigan games?


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sorry if i posted this twice already, my first day as a user and not just a reader. thought i should share some knowledge. if you follow these instructions you can watch TV on your computer. Michigan Open channel = BTN.

1. go to
2. log in using umich stuff and download the zattoo player (set it up while youre at it.)

3. you get an auto generated password sent to your umich email which you use to login into the player, so save that email.
4. if you are on campus you can just start watching, but if you are not, then go to

5. download the cisco vpn
client and set it up. its going to ask you to reboot. once you reboot,
the client should start up. if not just go to your start
menu>>programs>>cisco systems vpn client>>vpn client

6. click connect and your name/password are your uniqname and your umich password. connect to UM-on-campus-wireless
7. once it connects the program should minimize and you'll have a little lock in your system tray. start up zattoo

8. boner time


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If you know someone living in Michigan, send them a Slingbox. I hooked one up at my house for my old college roommate when he moved out to California.