How to get FOX broadcast M games overseas?

Submitted by RedShirt232 on August 16th, 2017 at 4:33 PM

Does anyone else living internationally know a legit way to get Michigan's FOX and BTN broadcast games?  

I moved to New Zealand late in the season last year and ponied up for ESPN broadcast games through Sky TV and it's app.  

Is there something equivalent for FOX and BTN games?  

Thanks and Go Blue.



August 16th, 2017 at 7:53 PM ^

I live in Spain and you can get BTN 2Go International on a game basis or monthly basis.

I use ESPN Player for espn and ABC games (most) 

I am also looking for a FOX live stream now that they have been added to the mix.

There are the generic streaming stations that I use when desperate but the quality is poor and they can cut out... but MUCH better than nothing.

Would happily pay for a month of FOX streaming to get The Game so hope they come up with something like BTN2Go International

some generic streaming:



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HSVPN allows up to five devices so I use it on all iOS devices and my WinTel laptop. Used it in Japan over the past year during my four extended trips there and it worked fine. 

In terms of channel access, find someone who has Comcast with the X1 box and Cloud DVR. I believe you can live stream BTN, the ESPN's, and ABC (some channels only allow you to live stream while on Comcast WiFi due to licensing issues but I can't recall which). If not, you can record and watch from the Cloud DVR (which works better than live streaming anyway). 

I think all Comcast customers get live streaming but you have to have the X1/CDVR combo to record.

Anyway, we caught all of the UM football games last year.


August 17th, 2017 at 6:38 AM ^

I bought a lifetime subscription to VPNSecure, which I'm happy with. But I know that Hulu live will not work at all with any VPN, like it detects if you have the VPN setting turned on on your device (which is why you can't use it through the browser yet), and PS Vue is really difficult with a VPN unless you set one up yourself, because if there's a change in IP they will block you. You can only watch it from the home you set it up in.

So YouTube may work now but who knows if they will find a way to block VPNs soon.


August 16th, 2017 at 5:47 PM ^

I use my sister's Dish Anywhere account which has the Sling player built into all the receivers so I can watch it on the app with my phone or through the laptop. Also, you can pay for BTN2Go international and stream the games on Big Ten Network. Not sure what FOX will be like, but normally you can find some stream online.


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I have also used ESPN Player (pay subscription) to get the college pass which allowed me to watch all football games broadcasted on their networks along with pretty much every other college sport.


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I live in Mexico and I use a slingbox.  If it's a fantastic option if you have access to a cable box in the US that nobody's going to be using.

Otherwise, I'm pretty sure you can get an American IP address and get whatever streaming package each channel offers.

Steve in PA

August 16th, 2017 at 10:23 PM ^

Totally legit.  It's meant for people overseas.  You can watch nonHD for free or pay for HD and extra channels.

The local channels aren't carried on any streaming service yet so during basketball season I usually have to watch the Sunday CBS games in nonHD.


August 17th, 2017 at 4:10 AM ^

We are always in SE Asia for The Game and these 2 options work best.

Unless the "friend" who gives you his sling box ogin also gives it to his BROTHER who keeps logging in and bumping you out! That $)&$ brother in AZ is responsible for some liver damage in Bangkok during last years game. (And the reason I got my own sling box.)

HideMyAss is like $10 a minth and you can cancel after the game(s). Used that a few times but prefer sling box if some $)?&[email protected] c-blocking sum-bitch doesn't bugger up the works! (Still too soon)

The best scenario is to DVR the game and go in the bubble until you can connect and watch it at your convenience. Bacon (NTB), eggs, pancakes and Meeeechigan football go well together!


August 17th, 2017 at 6:42 AM ^

Wasn't someone offering to rent out a Slingbox recently? Or do you know someone you can hook one up to? (Either someone who has a spare box they don't use or watches all the same sports as you.) 

My coworker was telling me that he set up a personal VPN in his parent's home and he connects to that and then streams through their xfinity account, which also seems like a good idea (you can only live stream from within the home, but the VPN makes it look like you are in home). But for the Lions preseason game on Sunday I was watching on the Slingbox in my dad's house while he was streaming (long story, but good we tested before real football starts because he needs an HDMI splitter) from xfinity and he was a play or two behind me, and I was a play or two behind real live TV.