How does one even get into college and get a 4 on the Wonderlic?

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There was much debate yesterday after RDT posted Claiborne's alleged Wonderlic test score of a 4.  Having spent the better part of the past 20 years actually giving this test to prospective applicants at my firm I can feel safe in saying to achieve a 4 you have to either purposively answer questions incorrectly or be just about as stupid as a human can be. 

To prove my point I give you four actual Wonderlic questions that appear on a version of their current test.  To understand what a 4 represents - Claiborne would have to answer two of these incorrectly and then answer all remaining 46 questions wrong as well.  A four means he got 2 of the 50 right and that's it.

Take a look at these questions and ask yourself exactly how someone can get admitted to college if they cannot answer all four correctly.

Which of the following is the earliest date?

A) Jan. 16, 1898 B) Feb. 21, 1889 C) Feb. 2, 1898 D) Jan. 7, 1898 E) Jan. 30, 1889

LOW is to HIGH as EASY is to ? .

What is the next number in the series? 29 41 53 65 77 ?
J) 75 K) 88 L) 89 M) 98 N) 99

One word below appears underlined. What is the OPPOSITE of that word?

She gave a complex answer to the question and we all agreed with her.
A) long B) better C) simple D) wrong E) kind



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i think these tests are more important the more you touch the ball, so for QBs who have to read quickly, react and communicate, it is probably pretty important. for DTs who have less of that to do, its probably not as important as agility and strength.

as far as getting into college - this is part of the "exit" exam, not entrance, bama should not be penalized for this kid not taking a test seriously.


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I don't take the Wonderlic seriously anymore (if I ever did). There is plenty of evidence that it just does not translate to the football field (apparently Patrick Peterson is also really dumb, got like an 8 or something), so what's the point? It's pretty safe to say that the star football players are going to get paid, they're going to get a chance to play, and they will pretty much be able to coast throughs school.

That said, you do have to try to get such a low score. By "try" I mean sit at a desk and circle letters for your answers that make a pretty picture. Don't take this too seriously. Football players are (generally) not very smart. But they're good at football, and that's what counts in the end


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i believe youre wrong on the scoring. i think 50 is the highest score, not 100. seems to me like higher scores for qbs are in the 35 and 40 range, not 70 and 80... so 4 should mean he answered 4 correctly.


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Andy Katzenmoyer was in classes like, golf 101, racket ball 101, physical ed, and some other 7th grade level classes. That my friend is how a stud football player can get a 4 on the wonderlic. Plus some people can't test worth a crap I think Vince Young got a 4 or lower on his wonderlic test also.


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He probably wouldn't go to college if there was a different way for him to play football professionally. It just so happens that to play football, he has to go to school and learn about things he doesn't care about for a few years. Sure a 4 is terrible but he probably wasn't studying medicine or rocket science, and for a good reason

Perkis-Size Me

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The answer is that its the SEC. Aside from Vandy, the schools in that conference aren't exactly stellar academic institutions. There's no doubt that schools like Alabama and LSU admit the kids for football and their only expectation is to win championships. When it comes to school, those kids are just passing through.

That being said, I don't think Claiborne is inherently stupid. He's smart enough to read and digest whole playbooks. That takes a high level of intelligence.


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Isn't the very credible rumor that Derrick Rose did not even take the SAT but had someone else take it (or Calipari had someone take it) for him to get into Memphis? One of my friends had classes with numerous Michigan athletes and stated that some of them have difficulty speaking English or at least speaking English properly. Poor schooling and other economic, social, and racial factors play into these things.


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I just scored a 13 on a wonderlic going to go cry now.


edit: i just took a different one and scored a 37.  I feel better now :)


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"The academic support at (Ohio), there is no way you can fail. Even if you give minimal effort there is no way you can fail."

Some athletes, black or white, football or field hockey, have conditioned themselves to not concern themselves with written exams. And to this point, which has been rehashed several times on this board already, thier professional careers will not hinge on thier ability to correctly identify the next number in a series but much more so on thier speed, strength, and quickness.


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 I can feel safe in saying to achieve a 4 you have to either purposively answer questions incorrectly or be just about as stupid as a human can be. 

There is another one, it seems he has a learning disability related to reading.  Known as far back as when he was being recruited.  Given the test is timed, if you have trouble reading for some reason that would pretty much sink you.