How does everyone feel about night games now?

Submitted by no joke its hoke on September 11th, 2011 at 10:03 PM

I was just wondering if anyone has changed opinions on how they feel about night games at UM? It seemed most was already for them but some seemed not to really be in favor of having night games often. Even tho I wasn't there I loved and thought the Big House looked great and would be all for having more night games!



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But seriously, Sparty is too immature of a fanbase to have them at night - last year they tore up the campus, and damaged personal property. I don't expect it to be any different if they come around for a night game - win or lose, they destroy where they're at.

Ohio fans are loud and violent, and I have similar concerns as I do with MSU. Additionally, the cold weather would make the travel of 115k people dangerous from the stadium afterwards. It's moot anyway though since the B1G bans November night games.

ND would be cool - but I'd like it if it was done every 3/4 years for major, non-con opponents. I know that may limit us to Notre Dame from here on out, but if we have a night game it should be against a competitive program. I'd be ok with it against AFA - except that next year would be too soon. And the first one being a rivalry game against one of the most storied programs in college football - it would fall flat to do it next year against Air Force.


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Fwiw it seemed to me that getting out of Ann Arbor took longer than the couple games I've been to in the past couple of years but not by enough to be against night games in the future. The line up from M14 to 275 was epic. No one let me in late (I don't blame them) so I continued on 96 and turned around. I probably save15 minutes and a lot of aggregation

Zone Left

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It'll never be this good again. Hell, you could live a long, long time and never see another game like that.

FWIW, it was really cool at first, but I think it would have been a minor flop if Michigan didn't come back to at least make it competitive. I was miserable for most of the first half.


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was electric.  I had a great time and it was very exciting.  I think once a season, maybe twice if there is a big game worthy of it might be OK.

Having good weather helped a lot.  If it was 55* and raining, I don't think as many would have had such a good time.  Having a night game when it's in the 60s is one thing, when it's 45 or less I don't think it would be as popular. Hint: NO November night games. 

I think they should be reserved for big time opponents or rivals and should be no more than one or max of two per season.

Having said that, parking is becoming a problem with the additions to Crisler Arena and the golf course and Pioneer's potential unavailability due to rain, I can see problems if/when they expand the stadium again.

Overall, it was fun, but I like it as a novelty not as a regular happening and getting home at 1 am or later can be a bit much when you have to drive an hour or more to get home.


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Off topic because it's not home, but we're safe to assume next year's game vs. Alabama at Jerryworld will be a night game, correct? And that Gameday will most likely be there? Because we're 1-0 in night games when Gameday is present (AFAIK).


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I feel like they make my throat hurt. 

And they are awesome. 

I would be cool with once/yr after attending the game, whereas before I would've said once every few years at most probably. 


September 12th, 2011 at 12:03 AM ^

The electricity on State and Hoover where I was tailgating was incredible.  I don't know if I remember campus being so fired up for a game.

I would be totally in favor of 1 per year as long as it's not MSU.  I had a jackass sitting next to me wearing a State shirt who wouldn't shut his pie hole the entire night.  I can't imagine what level of assholishness Sparty would attain if his team was actually playing in the night game.


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Teams in the other big conferences figured this out long ago. Night games are just so much more exciting than sleepy nooners, when half the students don't show up till the second quarter. The players love night games. The fans love them. And these games give the home team a bigger advantage because the home crowd at night tends to be louder and wilder. This is a no-brainer. 


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An Iowa or Air Force game still gives a great chance for recruits to see that atmosphere.  I hope they do ND again in 2 years, but they need to do this again next year.  I see absolutely no downside, but love the upside.  What kid wouldn't want to play under the lights in a great environment?

I really like what Dave Brandon is doing for Michigan.  It will help recruiting for football and basketball.  The future looks very bright.



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I wouldnt mind doing an early season game against a decent opponent at night every year. 

Looking at the schedules, it would have to be Air Force next year if we did one.  ND in 2013 would work well.  Not much opportunity in 2014 unless one of the nonconference TBA's is a real opponent.  Otherwise, you are looking at Penn State on Oct. 25th (sounds really cold) or Appalachian State.   

Interestingly enough, we have the B1G Championship game on our schedule in 2011, 2013 and 2014 but not 2012.  Apparently Brandon only thinks we are going to win the Legends 3 of the next 4 years!