How do YOU help the team?

Submitted by ToledoBlue on September 3rd, 2010 at 7:04 AM

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's been one of the longest off seasons I've ever experienced in my 29 years and after all the dong punching, soul crushing losses (and injuries) we are finally at the eve of what I believe will be our start to the return of dominance. I for one am tired of all the predictions, red shirt discussions, allegations, and depth charts. So I ask you all what will YOU do to help this team?

     Now I consider myself (usually) an intelligent person and I know that no matter what I do I have no control over what happens on the field. I do know this. That however doesn't stop me from trying everything in my superstitious power to help. I will only be wearing blue on game day, If a drive fails I will change seats and or sitting positions. I will not move if a drive is going well. (Even if I really want a beer or have to pee) If I have company and they leave the room and the team comes alive ( Big play, turnover, etc) I assume it is this change that brought it and have been known to make them stand until the outcome of the drive. Finally my gf claims to be an OSU fan (she really doesn't care) I of course do not allow her to be in the house during THE GAME.  Now 6 days a week I am a normal person who works a good job and coaches middle school football but on game days I am a crazed superstitious nut.  So what say you? What rules do you live by?