How did you become a Michigan fan?

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I'm bored and thought I'd see if anyone would share how they became a Michigan fan. I became a fan on September 13th,1988. I was 10 years old and flipping thru  the channels and I saw Michigan vs. Noter Dame. Even tho Michigan lost that day I was hooked for life.



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I grew up in the south but my parents met at Michigan while they were students there.  Both have undergrad and post-grad degrees from UM, I was born in Ann Arbor while my dad was a resident at the university hospital. 

My grandfather went to Michigan too, as did 2 of my older cousins, and I followed the tradition and got my undergrad degree.  Unfortunately, I was too much of a dumbass and didn't get good enough grades for Michigan's law school. 

Now I'm saving up so if my baby girl decides she wants to go to Michigan in 18 years, I won't have to tell her that I can't afford it. She does seem to have freakishly long thumbs for a newborn, so maybe she'll be able to put wicked spin on a softball and get a scholarship and save me the trouble, but judging by UM's softball success, she's gonna be a longshot...




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I moved to a new school that year and noticed that everybody was obsessed with Ohio State... once November came along they all started talking about this team they hated, Michigan. Anyway I decided to watch The Game, and was completely enamored by the awesomeness of the helmets. And, as fate would have it, Michigan beat OSU that year.

I've been a huge fan ever since


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Went to Michigan, graduated 2010 magna cum laude.  Football season tickets 2008 and 2009.  I also spent a lot of time watching the men's tennis matches--they're free AND awesome to watch!  Great way to kill a few hours on a Saturday afternoon.  Saw Michigan beat OSU at Crisler in 2009, went to a few hockey games but got more into hockey after I graduated.  I discovered Mgoblog in 2008 but didn't set up my own account until 2010.


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I majored in music, but I'm not going on in the field--way too competitive for my blood and I wanted more out of my professional life than teaching lessons, taking auditions, and wood-shedding excerpts.  I'm taking an intensive science curriculum right now at a school whose name I'd prefer not to mention.  My plan is to matriculate in med school in the fall of 2012.


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Are you required to take the second semester of organic chem lab?  I've heard from some current residents that it isn't necessary and that Biochem is an acceptable substitute.  I'm trying to get in touch with the Michigan pre-med advisors to ask them as well.


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in '84. Unfortunately moved away at 4 but have loved UM and Ann Arbor ever since. Wish I could have went to UM but was an ass in high school and didn't have the grades. Maybe grad school one day...

Michigan Manders

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Both my parents are Michigan grads and my sister is currently a senior there. Their fandom finally rubbed off on me in 7th grade. Now, 4 or so years later, I'd dare say I'm the biggest fan of the family and certainly the most well informed.


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I grew up on the west coast where the Rose Bowl is a big deal. I saw Michigan in the Rose Bowl and admired the team and the uniforms. When it came time to go to college, I wanted to go to Michigan for the Engineering school and to watch Michigan football. I was accepted and I left home with 2 bags and not knowing anyone there. Michigan fan for life!


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Loves hearing how i became a Fan/Alumn...but it is kinda gross to be honest. My mom went into Labor on 2-16-82 in her dorm room and a Female Grad Student delievered me.  It is funny when me and my mom head back to her dorm room and my place of scares the hell out of the current women that stay there.  I mean, i know that they cleaned it up in 29 years. 


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At the age of 5 my brother and grandfather sat me down in Marshall, MI and I watched my first Michigan game. September 14th 1985 vs. Notre Dame in which UM won 20-12. Since that day i have bled Maize n Blue. I have been through good times and bad with the team. I got drunk at 17 yrs old when they won the Rose Bowl in '97 and came to the brink of insanity when Crable got flagged for the illegal hit on Troy Smith in 06 essentially (not entirely) costing a chance at the national title game. Over the past 3-4 years i have watched in agony as our beloved Wolverines have been criticized and put down for the poor play on defense and on offense at times as well. I hope that Coach Hoke can reinstill the prominence known as Michigan Football. Never went to school at UM...wish i had.


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I'm actually born and raised Marshall, MI. However my first memories of Michigan took place in Fort Meyers, Florida with the Fab 5's tournament run that ended with a Timeout..... Fortunately I've been hooked ever since!

SC Wolverine

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One of the best things about sports is the way they enhance the bond between sons and fathers/grandfathers.  I became a Wolverine by way of the admissions department (BA 82).  But I know all the fight songs for Army, where my father and grandfather graduated.  Meanwhile, my 13 year old son has no tolerance for anyone who wears Ohio State gear and declares himself a Michigan Man.  Good times.


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I was never a college sports fan, even though college.  My liberal arts college football team won only a couple games while I was there, and no one watched.

I went to Michigan for grad school and rented an apartment at Hill and Forrest.  Even from that distance, you could hear the announcer on Saturdays, and you could feel the energy and excitement in the air.

It was like an infection that spread.  Quickly.  I was hooked.


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Honestly, I'm not sure why I became a Michigan fan, but I did.  Wanted to go to the University but my counseler screwed up my application and I ended up getting a conditional acceptance but I got accepted at Eastern and went there instead.  I intended to transfer to Michigan in my sophomore year but intertia kind of took over.  I'm still a fan though.


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My Aunt got her undergrad degree from Notre Dame and her Law Degree from Michigan, so I got clothes of them both all the time when I was young. 

Then, Touchdown Jesus came to me and told me that Notre Dame was for pussies and to root for Michigan, so here we are.


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I'm pretty sure she watched sports with me  as a little kid because she figured that's what little boys needed.  She admired Bo a lot and I think she hoped that his influence would rub off through the TV or something because one of my earliest memories is watching the 89 Rose Bowl as a 5-year-old and her talking to me about him as well as explaining that if I studied hard I'd go to Michigan.


She eventually married a Michigan Man and my new step dad had season tickets in the south end zone, which pretty much sealed the deal.  


Graduated in 2006.

Johnny Blood

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My grandmother went to Michigan and so did both my parents.  They raised me right -- we had huge parties every year for the Michigan-OSU game and we went to Camp Michigania East every year until I was 18 (we moved from Michigan to CT about 3 months before I was born). 

Then I went myself for grad school -- the 15th person in my extended family to go to Michigan. 

It's been a part of me for so long that I simply don't remember life without being a Michigan fan...

Bando Calrissian

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My parents are alums, met through mutual dorm friends their freshman year.  Got married right after school, now in their 35th year of football season tickets, 40 if you count student tickets.

Then I filled out exactly one application for undergrad, no backup plan, and it worked out.


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in 1988 and was (almost) all in.  I had a HS buddy in Texas who also applied at MSU -- if we had both gotten in, we probably would have gone there, but he didn't.  That was my only moment of wavering.

To quote Robert Frost, "I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."

First time in Michigan Stadium was as part of the MMB, through the Tunnel, for the 1989 M-ND season opener.  Despite the outcome, I was beyond hooked.  Until the graduation ceremony in 1993, I never entered or exited Michigan Stadium any way *other* than the Tunnel.  Actually, that graduation was the first time I was even on the concourse.


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I grew up in Okemos, MI about a 10 minute drive to MSU's campus, raised by two MSU masters' grads.  My older brother, by 7 years, turned down the Naval Academy for Big Blue in AA, Aerospace Eng.  These were the days of Tripp Welborne and Desmond Howard, D Alexander, Grbac, et al.  Secretly initiated into the Order of the Wolverine, I was steadfast in my commitment to hold it down in Spartanville.  I'll never forget as a seventh grader, crying when that D Bag MSU putz clearly tripped Desmond Howard to ruin our National Championship dreams, and our #1 ranking.  Hell would be a kind description of that next monday in school.  Then came the Fab 5...nuff said!  In the fall of 96' I moved in to South Quad  to follow in my brother's footsteps.  That next year Chuck Woodson and crew took the title!  Man, it was sure great to be a Wolverine then.  If I have any darn say in anything, my nephew will hit campus in the fall of 2018.  Go Blue!! 

Space Coyote

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The spring game hasn't even happened yet and we're already on to middle of summer questions.  I'm not bashing the OP, mind you, and understand boredom, but the past couple days I've seen the open minded OT inquiries that usually don't hit until mid-summer.  We're gonna run out of these types of questions too fast, then think how much longer the summer is going to feel!


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My father was finishing his MBA at Ross in 1994 and he got 2 student tickets that season because he was married.  He took me (5 years old) to the Colorado game and ever since then my family has been crazy for Michigan Football.  I got accepted to the COE in '07 and am graduating in 2 weeks.  My brother got accepted to the COE in '08 and my sister wants to do nursing at umich when she graduates high school.


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I grew up in a small town in Nebraska. I really didn't care about football until the fifth grade. Chris Perry, watching him was absolutely incredible! with that said we need to beat the 'skers this year!


OMG Shirtless

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I was an MSU fan until the day an envelope that looks just like this showed up in the mail.  All of the Michigan State apparel I accumulated up until that point was thrown away the same day.