How did UM miss on Devontae Dobbs?

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...And Julian Barnett, for that matter? 

I'm psyched about Trente Jones, but given our glaring need for ready-to-play OL recruits, it seems like Dobbs would be THE priority in this class. 247 lists Drevno as his primary recruiter. Was that the problem? What gives? 



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Sorry, I was a little harsh.   But, seriously?    Devontae Dobbs has been a topic on here for like 2 1/2 years along with the love/hate with Belville's coach and how there is some love now etc.  I've seen you* on here the last 2 1/2 years so I don't see how you could miss it.

Before you ask,  Logan Brown grew up a Wisconsin fan.  He's firmly committed.  


*My kids think I do a great Christopher Walken impersonation, but they don't know what he sounds like.  My wife thinks I'm awful.  Truthfully it sort of wavers between Walken, Vinny Babarino and Woody Allen.  


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Wasn't gonna ask about Logan Brown. Honestly, the Dobbs story is just one I flat-out hadn't seen, and I don't pay attention to high school coaches so that's not really part of the equation for me. 

I'm on-and-off with recruiting, so I figured after a cursory search that yielded minimal results, I'd just ask. Apparently this spot is still sore. On the bright side, I have a little bit better idea WHY. 


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 If you click on the magnifying glass at the top of the page and type Dobbs into the search window then click enter. This will bring you a number of results. You can select the tab for mgoboard. This took me about five seconds and I found about six pages of links and discussion. This is why people get angry because you don’t use basic function of the site.


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I will answer the question because it is really no mystery, it was well documented, all you had to do is actually read the comments from the player and his coach.

Michigan did a terrible job at recruiting him, while other programs were putting the full court press on Dobbs, Michigan was largely radio slient. It was most likely Drevnos fault, due to the fact that other recruits voiced similar issues about the lack of communications (see former recruit EE).

Of course we are not ever suppose to say the coaches screwed up in recruiting. 

Mr Miggle

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This will probably sound like sour grapes, but after seeing the comments Dobbs made about some of the other schools when he committed to MSU, I'm glad he's not coming here. Here's what he had to say about Michigan's coaches.

“The last meeting I was in, I told them they acted like robots and I just wasn’t comfortable around them. I said it wasn’t a place I wanted to be.”

Not every player is a good fit. Hearing how important the relationships with other recruits in his class was to Daxton Hill reinforces how mature most of Harbaugh's recruits sound in interviews.


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I'm with you. He went out of his way to insult the coaches and staff. It's one thing to say, 'this place isn't for me,' but what he did was quite another.I like candor from high school students. But this seemed like an intentional dig without any substance, so I guess I want candor with at least a dash of maturity.


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Look up. Do you see the line that has MGOBLOG on the left, then some links for more info (e.g. About, Contact) and then a window with an image of a magnifying glass? Type Devontae Dobbs into that window on the right. Hit enter or click on the image it will take you to this

The 4th article listed is the one linked above.



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Long story short. Some of these high schools are coached by guys who are just a bag of dicks. These bags of dicks tend to be drawn towards people like them, so they direct these kids to college coaches like Mork. Pretty straight forward. 


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So, you're aware that there are threads covering this very topic, you just didn't want to actually put any effort in to wade through the chaff.  That's of course your prerogative to not want to spend your time doing that, it takes time for a limited, kinda stupid reward.  But it's a reward you want, sometimes things aren't spoon fed to you and you have to actually put in a little effort.

And this is why I hate every new "innovation" from Westlaw these days...


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Typical idiotic reply, Especially since Crowell is actually a huge Michigan fan. Anyone who knows or been around him will attest to that.

So it is clear that you don’t know him but know he is a dick. What a peach of a guy you are.

Also you are ignoring the fact that Michigan has gotten two commits from Belleville recently. So I guess he forgot to streer those kids away.


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Michigan, a team that has struggled mightily with Oline, did not want a composite 5 star OT. And before you pull the "Michigan scouts know more than recruiting experts" bullshit, Dobbs was offered by Alabama, Auburn, USC, OSU, MSU, Clemson, Florida, FSU, LSU, Oklahoma, Oregon, Penn State, and Wisconsin just to name a few. Im pretty sure if all of those schools, especially the Wisconsins and Bamas who know talent when it comes to Oline, wanted him then he is good

They screwed the pooch on this one. Dobbs said he didn't want to go to Michigan because he didn't feel a connection or comfortable with the coaches. I believe he referred to them as Robots. No need to lie and say Michigan didn't want him


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I’m not going to say Michigan didn’t want him (because I don’t know for sure) but what I CAN tell you is Dobbs isn’t an offensive tackle. Michigan is loaded up with interior linemen both in terms of young players on the roster and recruits in this class. Interior is not the issue with our line. 

At 6’4”, Dobbs would not have come in and played tackle. He’s simply too short. Hell, people complain about Runyan playing tackle at 6’5”.