How did okorn pull off that game against Purdue?

Submitted by SugarShane on October 15th, 2017 at 7:57 AM
Purdue’s defense isn’t some patsy, aside from louisville and Michigan, they’ve held every qb they played in check to a degree, including Wisconsin and Minnesota. The protection was arguably worse against Purdue than the last two weeks. The kid obviously cannot see the field, but is there a chance there’s still a serviceable quarterback under there?



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It was a revenge game for him. Now if we can just get all of the remaining teams we play to hire a coach O'Korn still holds a grudge against, we will be golden.  

Maize and Blue…

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and he made some good throws on the run. He just doesn't seem to be a pocket passer because he doesn't go through his progressions at all. His best throw yesterday by far was on the run. TD to Crawford that was called back against Sparty was on the run. Maybe they should try moving the pocket as JOK seems more comfortable in those situations.

SD Larry

October 15th, 2017 at 8:19 AM ^

have the chance to scheme for JOK, my nonexpert impression is JOK played "free and with a determination " in that game, making some good scrambles and throws on the run.  He was playing against Purdue and his former Coach who had benched him.  Maybe the pressure of him being the M starter has him playing tighter since, but it's still limited experience so far .Sparty was a big game for his first start.  The fumbles in the first half and weather in the second haf limited his opportunites and performance.   I still think his confidence could come back.  He overthrew DPJ by 3 inches on the bomb yesterday.  Had that been completed it might have been a completely different game for him.   Imho, JOK  needs a few things to go his way to gain some confidence.  Sports is like that more often than people sometimes think.


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staff; he REALLY wanted in this game to show him what he could do. Secondly, he got lucky; some of those throws were though very, VERY, small windows. Had they been a little off with regards to time or direction that game could have turned out quite differently.


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He threw to the tight ends on crossing routes over and over.

They've been wide open all season. Speight used to overthrow them, and OKorn just doesn't even see them except for Purdue.


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like Purdue's D may have been at 100% intensity a bit too much and couldn't keep it up. They also had 2 of their better, more aggressive guys ejected. I didn't think O'Korn was setting the world on fire either. It was his best performance in a Michigan jersey but it wasn't like he looked like a draft pick either.


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Coming in off of the bench is a hell of a lot different than starting.  You really don't have much time to think about it.  You just have to go out there and play.  I was worried about what 2 weeks to think about being the starter would do to O'Korn.  I guess the worry was justified.


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We've just been sandbagging all along to set up the great upset at PSU. I wouldn't have let sparty win like that but they apparently know what they're doing.

Get better each and every day for all the players and coaches can officially start now, thank goodness ,I would hate to think one of the most overused catch phrases of coach didn't actually mean shit. Now the Real season and turn around begins....

Right? Coaches and players that might actually read this dribble? Beuller? Beuller? Anyone seen Beuller?

Swayze Howell Sheen

October 15th, 2017 at 9:07 AM ^

how did usa hockey beat the ruskies?

how did rocky go the distance with creed?

how come the crane technique cannot be defended against according to miyagi?

these, and john o'korn's purdue performance, are the mysteries of our time.



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Super motivated by going against his former coach that benched him.  That, and having no pressure or expectation of playing.  It was win/win for him.  It's all mental.  He has the physical skills.


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There doesn't always have to be a narrative for everything. On the 5-10 difficult throws he had in that game, he hit them. Against msu and Indiana, he missed them. There may be no reason on that standard, normal variability. He's an inconsistent quarterback.


October 15th, 2017 at 10:22 AM ^

I agree with Brian, his pre snap reads happened to be correct and the first guy he looked at was open more often than not. He didn't need to go through a progression, which is why he looked so confident.

Mr. Yost

October 15th, 2017 at 12:09 PM ^

He was seeing the field a lot better. Mentally he seemed in the right place.

Right now he's always complaining about his line, or a late hit, or whatever...shut the fuck up and be a quarterback. I mean that. Be more like Rudock.

You can be emotional, you can be passionate. You can't let all of these other things impact your play. Otherwise, don't play.

He's got the physical tools, but I feel like everything has perfect for him. Suck it up and lead your team. Focus and make the right play.

And see the field!!! He's missed an alarm number of WIDE OPEN reads trying to push the ball down field. Against Purdue he was hitting the TEs on those crossing routes...MSU and IU, he's looking past them and forcing it to WRs down field.

The one time he DID make the right read...he overthrows DPJ who is wide open.


October 15th, 2017 at 2:02 PM ^

O'Korn had a good game against Purdue so the coaches are stubborn. O'Korn had a bad game against MSU so Speight was obviously the best option all along. O'Korn threw for 58 yards against IU so now it is time for Peters even though he has almost zero game experience. Our turrible offensive line gets an appreciation thread because Higdon runs like a tackle-breaking maniac, only faster.
How about we base our judgments against the body of work? Lost in the 58 yard story is the fact that he threw no interceptions. He threw for 50% in spite of multiple drops. How is he supposed to accumulate passing yards when the coaches are calling 3 yard routes because they are frightened of a repeat of the MSU turnover debacle? 3YPA sucks eggs, but if he completes the DPJ play or Kekoa's arm isn't blatantly grabbed on the other deep ball, his YPA become respectable. A couple more caught passes instead of drops also helps.
I am just as concerned about his questionable game management. Late in the game he snapped the ball with 6 seconds on the play clock. IU kicked the tying FG with 2 seconds left. That was a potentially catastrophic error. On another play, a shovel pass got called back by delay of game. That would have kept the drive alive and maybe won the game in regulation.
How does Peters do getting us in and out of the huddle? How does he do getting us properly aligned? Maybe he is better, but I think the coaches have a lot more evidence to go by than we do, and they are not as easily swayed by recency bias. Hell, people seriously want Kareem to get MOAR carries based off of ONE RUN! Segments of our fan base have gone insane.