How confident are you that QB and RT will be fixed in 2018

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Or does it depend on what if any changes happen to the coaching staff in the offseason. If the guys behind Ulizio and JBB can't beat them out now, why is it realistic to expect them to beat them out next year. Same question at QB, Speight hasn't had a good game since Maryland last year and Peters can't even beat out O'Korn right now. It's been a big disappointment watching guys who have been in the system for 3 years struggle so much and curious why I or anyone should expect it to get better for reasons other than "Harbaugh."


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Because age is a factor in game readiness as well as rate of improvement.

By your logic every starter ever replaced is a downgrade. We all know that ain't the case.

I trust Frey will coach up the tackles based on his track record.

I trust Harbaugh will coach up the QB based on his track record.

I trust we will have coaching turnover and that it will be for the better.


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I'm actually EXTREMELY excited for 2021!

That 2019 class is shaping up to be a monster, and who knows what's coming in 2020?

We will have lost some monster talent in 2019-2020 as well.

As for this year's team, its early over-achievement made the 5 TO debacle on Saturday about twenty times as painful as otherwise, and it would have already been painful.

I didn't think there was a remote possibility of our losing to the leftover rubbish from thug-u. But we turned the ball over five times. And in addition to all of the expected growing pains, we did have a yuuuge playcalling problem.

It will get even more painful, as Sparty continues to show that they are a tire fire and in no way at all "back."

We would have lost to any team on the schedule so far if we were -5. The Sparty v.s. ND was the real Sparty, and now ND is also overrated b/c of that game. 

We might end up losing 4 or even 5 this year. The 3-4 that many of us thought we would probably end up losing, plus now this unexpected one. And if we go -5 TO every game, we could lose 7.

I had hope for being undefeated National Champs before the season started. I really think we could win any game on any day. I still hope that we will be one loss National Champs, and I don't think it is irrational to hope it either (ESPN FPI probabilities notwithstanding).

But if we do lose 5 the sky will still not have fallen, and yes, I do expect improvement at both of those positions next year.


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I pretty plainly said that 4 or 5 losses is more likely.

The program, on the whole, is advancing, not regressing.

The uniqure challenges of the current circumstance, however, means that we have a very high beta (volatility/likelihood of variance) from the most expected outcome.

There are only a couple games that we cannot lose this year. But none at all that we cannot win. 

It's been a few days now. Embrace the suck, and enjoy being a Wolverines fan during the opening years of the new, great era of Michigan Wolverines football. It won't be long until 10 wins is considered on the poor side for us. 


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"By your logic every starter ever replaced is a downgrade. We all know that ain't the case."

My logic is based on the fact that these young guys aren't stuck behind talented players. Last year Hudson played behind Peppers, Gary beind Taco, Hill behind Lewis, Chas behind Wormley, Mo behind Glasgow, Bush behind Gedeon, and on down the line. All those guys were NFL caliber players. But Ulizio, JBB, and JOK have been absolute liabilities this year and that's putting it nicely. I think the fact that the guys behind them aren't even sniffing the field right now says a lot and is worriesome.


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Wasn't going to dignify this with a response but have to say the internet grudges some people hold here are remarkable. But hey, if you want to hijack a perfectly reasonable thread then call me the troll because I hurt your feelings with a sports take then keep on keepin on.

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The only reason you created this thread is to be a smug ass hole. It's not a "perfectly reasonable thread", it's not a "sports take" and you're incapable of hurting anyone's feelings because no one takes you're negative shit seriously.

Also, I'm very confident RT and QB will be fixed because " Harbaugh". So take that positivity and shove it where the sun don't shine :)


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I just find it interesting that at Michigan sophomore and redshirt sophomore OL are "too young" and "underdeveloped" to be any good - but plenty of other FBS programs can manage to churn out offenses significantly better with players of the same vintage.


Why is Michigan an outlier in this?


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Never a good sign when you have to start blaming losses on a coach that's been gone for 3 years. 

Year 3 of Harbaugh: "It's Brady Hoke's fault."

Year 3 of Brady Hoke: "It's Rich Rod's fault."

Year 3 of Rich Rod: "It's Lloyd Carr's fault." 


Year 3 of Bennie Oosterbaan: "It's Fritz Crisler's fault." 


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Is Bush a downgrade from Gedeon?

Is Kinnel a downgrade from Hill?

Was Black a downgrade from Chelsea before getting injured?

You're trying to tie things into neat little axioms that don't exist because the world is full of probability and changes.

Go take a Xanax and calm down. Or at least shut the fuck up


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out next year.  Replacing Cole is as big an issue as who is gonna be RT.

I'm actually fairly confident that one of Filiaga, Hudson, Steuber or Honigford will emerge as a pretty good OT next year.  Two of them?  Hope so, but that's asking a lot.

As much as I'm rooting for him, it seems nearly impossible that Newsome could come back and be a high quality Big Ten tackle.  No one should be counting on that.


October 11th, 2017 at 1:18 PM ^

outside of how bad Ulizio has been, but honestly Cole has been less then stellar. He's an interior lineman and has not played very well at tackle. We may not upgrade next year, but doubt it will be a disaster if Newsome doesn't play.


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So if I’m reading this correctly, it’s concerning that all the freshmen and redshirt sophomores haven’t beaten redshirt sophomore Ulzio out? And it’s also concerning that redshirt freshman Peters and true freshman McCaffrey weren’t able to beat our upperclassmen Speight and O’Korn? That “says a lot and is worrisome”?

Fuck sake man. I knew you were a concern troll in regards to basketball, but football now too? You are easily the worst poster on this board and it isn’t close. I’ve come to the realization you’re worse than any OSU/MSU troll could ever be


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Yes it is concerning. In the top 10 alone Bama, Wisconsin and Penn State are all starting true sophomores at QB (and all started as freshman last year). Georgia and Va Tech are starting a true freshman. And the team that just beat us is starting a true sophomore. But I'm totally a concern troll for asking why Harbaugh's hand picked QB recruit isn't ready yet. Moron.


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Take a deep breath.
Michigan played a horrible football game on Saturday. Michigan might lose 2 or 3 more games this year. This does not mean the sky is falling or the future is not bright.

Honestly, did you really believe this team was going to contend for the CFP this year? Everyone pointed out how many players the defense lost. Look at the offense. It takes time for most WR's to develop. It takes time for many offensive lineman to develop.

It will happen. The players are on the roster and will develop into a big ten and CFP contenders. Harbaugh and his staff will get this puzzle put together.

Relax and take a deep breath.


October 10th, 2017 at 5:19 PM ^

McSorely was a Franklin recruit that's been in the pipeline for four years.  Alex Hornibrook is a RS Sophomore that was recruited by Paul Chryst and been in their system for three years.  Jalen Hurts was recruiting by Saban and is surrounded by upperclass talent.


Wilton Speight was recruited by Al Borges, inherited by Nussmeier, and then inherited by Harbaugh.


John O'Korn came in as a transfer candidate. 


What difference do you see?  Trace was recruited by his current head coach.  So was Hornibrook.  So was Hurts.


Wilton was not.  O'Korn was not.


Here's another question for you.  Did you assume McSorely was god awful because he couldn't beat out Hackenberg?


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No, your logic is that because freshmen aren’t better than third and fourth year players, they won’t ever be. That they have to be better directly out of high school or they’ll never be better.

Nevermind the fact that they have to come in, gain weight, strength, and adjust to the speed of the college game, learn the playbook, learn assignments, allllll while balancing a school schedule.

Nevermind the fact that players develop at different rates and hit their ceilings at different points in their career.

But nope. Because a kid who was at prom 5 months ago isn’t better than juniors or seniors that means they’re no good at all. Great logic you got going there


October 10th, 2017 at 5:06 PM ^

Ulizio and JBB wouldn't be playing if Newsome was healthy.  That's the rub. As Brian has said numerous times Newsome was pretty much a back breaking injury in terms of depth. And JOK is playing cause Speight got his back broken pretty much.


And they'd like to try and get some long term depth on the OL so they're trying not to set Filiaga, Steubs, Honigford's RS on fire.


October 10th, 2017 at 8:50 PM ^

may be more concerning that Peters hasn't made a push after a redshirt. Having said that, Andrew Luck redshirted, started and look at his stats:


Comp Att Yds Pct TD Int


2009 162 288 2,575 56.3% 13 4 143.5
2010 263 372 3,338 70.7% 32 8 170.2
2011 288 404 3,517 71.3% 37 10 169.7

Look at the difference in completion percentage between 09 to 10. Not saying Peters is the next Luck, but even a player as good as Luck took time to develop.

Also, it's rare for a freshman offensive lineman to play, let alone be good. So I don't think it's as concerning that a freshman hasn't taken over the starting job at RT. Honestly, I'm more worried about LT (hopefully Grant is fully recovered by next year, otherwise sh*t's probably going to hit the fan).